KCR pulls a rabbit out of his hat - The New Indian Express

KCR pulls a rabbit out of his hat – The New Indian Express

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KCR pulls a rabbit out of his hat

Prime Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao has again raised the issue of raising the stake of STS to 10 per cent. It is worth noting that he announced his decision to release ‘GO’ soon on 17th September – ‘Center’ celebrated Liberation Day and Merger Day by the state government. His move came hours after Home Minister Amit Shah made an apparent plea to free the mind from fear of the Razakars, indirectly referring to MIM. Despite this, the KCR quickly sought to change the narrative from “communalism” of the BJP to tribal luxury. He wears his hat for a reason! Nobody knows when to pull a rabbit out of a hat. Leaving it aside, he also meets former CM chiefs who are not doing well like Kumaraswamy and Shankar Singh Vaghela. Although the BJP and its critics scoff at its national ambitions, a TRS insider said, just take a look on social media. BJP leaders from state to center react to our tweets and actions. It shows that they view the KCR as a potential threat.” According to his reasoning, the BJP itself is helping to make the KCR a national leader, albeit unintentionally. He had no point.

At Saaru var Service

Who is Bahubali Telangana? Prime Minister KCR, you say? It is not, it seems, if you go to the fake Suryapet SP S Rajendra Prasad speech that day in front of Energy Minister Jagdish Reddy. Energetic and in full flow, the police officer was all in praise of Mantri Garo. No one is left behind, A Sharath, Sangareddy County collector, found in a recent KCR Ambedkar. This is nothing new though. If you remember, P Venkata Rami Reddy, when he was a neighborhood collector of Siddipet, touched CM Sir’s feet and was blessed with membership in the association. Officers are realistic, no matter what the Training and Personnel Department says. This brings us to the Liberation Day celebrations of the central government. It appears that no high-ranking state government official was present at Home Minister Amit Shah’s show in the parade ground. Wary of getting hit in the crossfire between the center and the state, officials are, for now, hedging their bets on the KCR’s exemption. You can’t find fault with them, can you? This too, when their center counterparts do not perform better. We are in dire need of the distinguished services of Sir Humphrey Appleby.

Red Labeled Revanth

Perhaps taking a cue from the party strategist, TPCC Chairman A Revanth Reddy – a sculptor – announced that he would present the Congressional version of Telangana Talli and the state flag as well, much to the chagrin of his colleagues. BVR Chary designed the statue admirably and it has been accepted by all. Enthusiastic Rivanth, however, unveiled his version of Telangana Tally, clad in what appear to be Congress colors instead of the tricolor, on September 17. However, the idea of ​​his country flag was met with resistance from his party leaders. So, Revanth deferred his proposal, if not withdrawn it. A frustrated party insider sighed, “When Rahul Gandhi is on the Bharat Gudu Yatra from Kanyakumari to Kashmir bearing the national flag, what message will be conveyed if the Telangana Congress introduces a new flag? It may remind people of Jammu and Kashmir! Flag, this is also on a day associated with the merging of Hyderabad with India?” It’s not a good idea, Revanth!

Well done madam Mayor

On that day, Mayor of Hyderabad Gadwal Vijayalaxmi surprised everyone. Prime Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao was at the opening ceremony of Kumaram Bheem Adivasi Bhavan and Sevalal Banjara Bhavan and so were she. The mayor wore traditional Banjara clothes and mingled with Banjara women. At first, the attendees were a bit confused, an official who was on the spot told us. They couldn’t tell if it was the mayor herself or someone else. Upon closer examination, it turns out that she is indeed the mayor of the city. But, three cheers for her for trying to be one among the Banjara women.

Input: V. V. Balakrishna, S Bachan Jeet Singh, B Kartheek, Kalyan T

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