Look inside New Cedar Rapids McDonald's ready to open [PHOTOS]

Look inside New Cedar Rapids McDonald’s ready to open [PHOTOS]

The new McDonald’s on 1st Avenue in Cedar Rapids is almost ready to welcome customers. Today I stopped by and took a look around the amazing new restaurant.

Anytime you visit a restaurant, you probably won’t spend a lot of time thinking about all the different stages of every order and everything that happens inside the kitchen while you’re preparing your food. Today was an eye opening for me.

Justin Maccioni is McDonald’s Regional Operations Manager and showed me the new location, along 1st Ave in Cedar Rapids, on the south side of Lindale Mall. Macchione is responsible for 25 locations in Iowa, including all Cedar Rapids stores.

We talked about some McDonald’s that closed recently near Thomas Park in Marion. Macchione shared that the building simply wasn’t up to the task of continuing to be a working restaurant nor did it meet the needs of today. The new 1st Avenue restaurant, just 1.04 miles away, is very modern. According to McCuneney, all Thomas Park McDonald’s employees have taken jobs at the new Cedar Rapids restaurant.

1st Avenue McDonald’s has two lanes and three windows. Macchione told me that the third window is for a short wait for a specific item, so customers who won’t have to wait long at all don’t have to pull into one of the restaurant’s five curb points.

One of my favorite parts of technology these days is what McDonald’s can do with it. Customers who order from the app will bring their food as soon as the phone they ordered arrives at the location. Once you’re within a short radius of the restaurant, your order automatically appears in the kitchen so your food is fresh and hot. You can then have your food drive by, go inside to a table, walk to pick it up or drag it to a curbside spot.

The first thing you’ll notice when you walk into 1st Avenue McDonald’s is that there is no menu board inside. You can order at a kiosk (cash will be available, one of the first McDonald’s locations in Iowa to offer this option at a kiosk) or via the app.

After cutting the ribbon at 9 a.m., the new Cedar Rapids McDonald’s will open at 10 a.m. on Wednesday, September 7. The initial hours will be as follows:

  • (by drive) from 5 a.m. to midnight from Sunday to Thursday; From 5 AM to 1 AM on Friday and Saturday
  • (Dining room) from 5 AM to 11 PM from Sunday to Thursday; From five in the morning until midnight on Friday and Saturday

Macchione says this site will be open 24 hours a day starting November 1.

Here’s a look at some photos from inside and outside of Cedar Rapids McDonald’s latest:

The new McDonald’s restaurant has an automatic machine to prepare your drinks:

kiosk request:

The two-lane lane opposite Lindale Mall:

Fries ready for french fries:

The “Beverage Station” part of the new McDonald’s:

Food preparation area:

Which sandwich is your favourite?

Once your food is complete, it is sent down the short conveyor belt…

To the finishing station where they are placed in a bag or on a tray, along with any sauces you ordered:

Table number tags have GPS coordinates on them so the person who brings your food to you will know exactly where you are seated.

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