Making a difference to God's creatures

Making a difference to God’s creatures

Batman, the goat, enjoys a delicious watermelon treat from “Ma” Christina Cimics. He’s among 78 farm animals receiving care, rehabilitation, and rehoming as pets at Happy Hooves Farm & Rescue on Blackjack Road near La Vernia.

“Maaaaa!” “Maaaaa!”

Goats are happy to see the “human diamond” bouncing around the yard on Black Jack Road near La Vernia.
Christina Semex, owner of Happy Hooves Farm & Rescue, provides loving care, food and most importantly provides a home for animals that have surrendered to individuals who can no longer care for them, and rescues animals brought to her by people who found them on roadsides or on property whose owners have died. She also adopted some animals from other rescues.

Christina, who was born in Texas in Wichita Falls, lives between her father’s home in Texas and her mother’s home in Illinois. As a child, she had to do housework and take care of her mother’s goats, which she did not enjoy very much. When she returned to Texas, she decided, “All I wanted to be was a mother and a wife,” she recalls.

Christina started working in a nursery in Wichita Falls, then moved on to childcare at her home in Universal City and Converse for 25 years. When I retired, I stayed home.

New children in the building

“I’ve been depressed for about a month,” she said. “I felt like I had no purpose and no longer felt the need.”

In 2018, her husband Jeff gave her two goats – “just to get me out of the house.”

Then her next adventure, Happy Hooves, began.

Six months after the “gift of goats,” Christina bought two little pigs. She came home with the two new additions and felt they were needed, so she put an ad on Craigslist to see if people had farm animals in need of help. A month later, she received a call from a family whose grandfather was seriously injured in a car accident and could no longer take care of the nine dwarf goats.

Christina felt a shift in her gaze.

“Not only do I feel the need, but I make a difference to one of God’s creatures,” she said.

She doesn’t just care about animals; Train them to be pets.

“It’s not for people who slaughter them or use it for food,” Christina emphasized.

Once the animal is rehabilitated and deemed worthy of being a family pet, she invites potential adopters to the barn and yard to watch them interact with the animals.

Miniature horse riddle – all animals except ducks have names – snuggles near Christina Semex, looking for a scratch and possibly a treat. At Happy Hooves Farm & Rescue, farm animals like Puzzle – some whose families can no longer take care of them, others abandoned or succumbing – get a chance at a new life as a lovable pet. Area residents can meet the animals and enjoy a Halloween event at the farm on Blackjack Road on October 29.

“I can always tell people they want as pets and not as a meal,” she said.

Christina also asks them to show her pictures of the shelter where these special animals will live. Some people adopt her goats for milking, but some of her goats adopt pets. The adoption fee helps her offset the costs.

At Happy Hooves Farm & Rescue, Christina has horses, miniature horses, donkeys, miniature donkeys, goats, ducks, chickens, turkeys, rabbits, cats, and pigs. She even saved hedgehogs, guinea pigs, and other small animals and pets.

At this time, Christina does not take dogs, as they may pose a danger to livestock.

This constant caregiver names every animal – except for the ducks.

“They look so much alike and it gets so confusing,” she said with a chuckle.

Goats roam outside the barn at Happy Hooves Farm & Rescue near La Vernia, where rescued farm animals get care and love from Christina Cimics, and get a chance at a new life as a pet.

There are currently 78 animals in Christina’s care. This includes Midnight, the hackney pony who was rescued; Princess Leia and Han Solo miniature donkeys; Walter, Batman and Taz the Goat; Miniature horses and snickers puzzles.

Little pigs get special treatment. She brings the piglets indoors at 6 weeks of age and teaches them to snuggle and use the indoor litter box.

“They are incredibly smart and it only takes a day to train them to use a litter box!” Christina advised.

Helping hand

As one can imagine, running a salvage farm is not cheap. There are vet bills, food bills, first aid and necessary medical products, as well as sanitation products, bathing products, bedding, and paper products that must be purchased regularly to help keep animals safe and healthy. Christina and her husband are constantly working on building new stalls, pens, and animal shelters, which requires building and fencing materials.

Some of the money for expenses comes through Facebook fundraisers, but that doesn’t cover everything that’s needed to care for the animals.

How can you help?

Donations of items and materials are always welcome, including hay and feed, plastic pools (containing water) for pigs and ducks, feeding bowls, buckets, handbags with lids, baby blankets, towels and hand towels, peroxide, alcohol, bleach, latex gloves, alternatives Milk and bottles, litter boxes, cat litter, pine mulch, pet beds, blankets, and more. message

Christina to arrange a drop off or pick up.

There is also a donation jar for Happy Hooves Farm & Rescue located inside Big Bear Home Center at US 87 in La Vernia, where Christina accepts financial donations. She also has a GoFundMe website at Christina would like The Farm to become a 501(c) 3 nonprofit, but there are costs involved in making that happen.

To donate or learn more about Happy Hooves Farm & Rescue:
• Find the farm on Facebook
• Call Christina Cimics at 210-665-3225.

Here are happy trails, happy tails, and happy hooves!

Trick or treat trail

The next Happy Hooves fundraiser is an exciting Halloween event – The Happy Hooves Farm & Rescue Trick or Treat Trail, Saturday, October 29, 7-11 p.m. Entrants can enjoy a free trick or treat; As of press time on September 20, 24 vendors plan to cook up candy for hikers. Buy tickets from participating vendors to participate in games, food, and drinks at this family-friendly fundraiser.

The event will also include a bounce house and picnic, face painting, a children’s fashion competition, and more.

Happy Hooves Farm & Rescue is located at 180 Black Jack Road. Decommissioned US 87 at SS Water Headquarters.

For information, call 210-665-3225.

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