Focus on Vital Longevity with 1st Cell Harvesting Center for Fat Stem Cell Storage

MEDEZE Group – the only ASEAN brand that provides longevity to humanity with the latest BIO Longevity technology guaranteed with world-class quality standards – has won the 2021 Southeast Asia Bank of Southeast Asia Best Practice Award for Stem Cell Company of the Year from the Frost & Sullivan Institute. The award cites MEDEZE’s four-year creativity of Collagen Corneal Stroma Scaffolds nano-fabricated under MEDEZE’s Creative Laboratory (Singapore).

MEDEZE has also entered into animal research in collaboration with Chulalongkorn University which is conducting case studies on the safety and efficacy of corneal stroma scaffolds made of crosslinked collagen nanoparticles in rabbits.

The “Safety and Efficacy Studies of Corneal Nanomaterial Collagen Scaffolds in Rabbits” support the MEDEZE group with globally accepted scientific evidence. It is a massive upgrade of lifestyle to the highest level of excellence in the cellular banking industry in Southeast Asia over the next 10 years.

Dr. Virabol Kemarangsan, CEO and Founder of MEDEZE Group, said, “Thailand and countries around the world are fully opening their doors. MEDEZE Group, as the innovative owner of BIO Longevity Technology to increase individual cells for those entering old age or suffering from disease to be healthy and ready to take care of themselves. Long life is very important in today’s world. Extreme innovation makes people’s desires for a longer life come true.”

“This will enhance Thailand’s distinct health industry to support the needs of the people in the country, including attracting tourists and investors to clearly see the evolution of Thailand’s identity through innovation and medical capabilities.”

They are collaborating to open a cell harvesting center for storing fat stem cells with a highly qualified “IAM Medical Clinic” of advanced interactive medicine, including an associate professor. Chomchai Vichitrananda, CEO and founder of IAM Medical Clinic and anesthesiologist who has specialized in pain relief for over 25 years.

“At the IAM Clinic, we believe that taking medications for diseases is essential but using the least of them is the best. Therefore, a preventive approach is most needed. We perform biomolecular diagnosis to look at the degree of genetic variation to determine personal life and design a specific treatment plan for each disease. Comprehensive individual treatment focuses On the lifestyle but we promote support because age does not depend on the day we are born, it depends on care.”

“In addition to the knowledge, we have a good partner in this world-class laboratory with high-level cell preservation technology to achieve the best treatment results.”

MEDEZE GROUP focuses on affluent and high net worth clients who have different consumer and lifestyle behaviors than others. These groups tend to spend on creating good health for themselves as well as researching new innovations for their longevity and quality. In addition, there are beauty lovers who need cells for the aging process or to always look young and have a good figure. ”

“The first step is to understand each individual’s longevity goal to ensure we stay healthy and looking good while also contributing to a sustainable society.”


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