MultiVersus 1.02 update patch notes: Eight feature changes, Bugs Bunny Nerfs, and more

MultiVersus 1.02 update patch notes: Eight feature changes, Bugs Bunny Nerfs, and more

The MultiVersus 1.02 update is a big update, significantly changing many of the characters and the playable franchises associated with them. Although there is no new announced character for this patch cycle, there is still plenty in the patch notes to go into. Here’s everything you need to know.

Now that it’s been a decent amount of time since the first season of MuliVersus fell, the developers are looking to continue driving the game’s momentum forward. In the latest update, they seem to be rebalancing the game quite a bit – with plenty of tweaks for popular picks like Bugs Bunny and Velma.

Before we get started, it’s worth noting that more changes may be added in the coming hours. The Official MultiVersus patch notes They are not finalized at the time of writing but rest assured, we’ll update you here as new details emerge.

What has changed in the MultiVersus 1.02 update?

Huge personal balances

Once again, Velma gets alarms in her entire collection. It seems like it’s been a tough character for developers to properly manage MultiVersus given the abundance of changes since the Beta launch. Another such character is the iron giant, which often plunges back in. Buggs Bunny is also significantly reduced in the latest update, with multiple abilities reduced.

LeBron is one of the few characters to receive buffs, who has admitted to being somewhat weak since his release. Arya is also on this side of the equation as well, as the Game of Thrones character has become even more powerful.

WB . Games

Arya receives some buffs, which hopefully will help the character keep up with the meta.


  • Free spin characters now have a symbol in the character that is selected to identify them
  • Battle Pass XP rewards for a match increased to 10 for wins and 5 for losses, up from 5 for wins and 3 for losses.
  • Battle Pass missions based on disabled category other than tanks
    • Developer Note: Since players may not have access to fighters in certain classes other than Tank (thanks to Wonder Woman), we felt that relying on courses wasn’t a reliable enough way to beat these missions.
  • Requirements reduced for a number of seasonal tasks:
    • Call a player from the top of the map 50 times (previously 75 times)
    • Call a player from the side of the map 50 times (previously 75 times)
    • Call a player from the bottom of the map 50 times (previously 75 times)
    • Get 50 assists (previously 125)

gaming systems

  • Defrosting – Slow motion speed at one stack reduced from 20% to 15%
  • Ability Cooldown – Fixed a bug where cooldowns would not trigger properly if used near Ally Jake

Game Modes

  • FFA – Fixed a bug where the popup text would display the incorrect point value.

user interface

  • Broadcaster Pack – You can now preview your personal broadcaster pack before you decide to open it.


  • Various bug fixes
    • Fix tutorials causing stage hazards to switch into other game modes.
    • Fixed the low altitude tutorial to require actual altitude rather than any air attack.
    • The Reindog tether step of the introductory tutorial is no longer important if you withdraw your ally after he has been eliminated.
    • Fixed shaggy falling off the map during air combat demo.
    • A wall has been added to the second step of the KBI tutorial.

Glossary and terms

  • new terms
    • Wall stress has been added to the glossary.
    • The terms Block, Hazard, and Wipe have been added to the glossary and the transfer lists updated accordingly.

General Privileges

  • clean the air Increasing consistency in the benefit effect.
  • Make it rain, dog! – Projectile velocity is now correctly applied to items thrown.
  • Painted Target – Fixed an issue where projectiles would not apply extra damage
  • Ready for Vengeance – Unstacked gray health reduced from 3 HP for 3 seconds to 1 HP for 3 seconds
  • School Me Once… – Increased coordination on spawning a projectile block. Noteworthy – Getting a hit from Jerry will now trigger a projectile block
  • Slippery When Feint – Fixed an issue where evasion distance would not be increased when canceling strikes
  • Snowball Effect – Fixed an issue where projectiles would not apply extra damage
  • Static electricity – increased consistency in the application of electrical damage to the projectile. Note – Throwed items will now apply electricity

Character Updates

Legend: + = Buff– = Nerf ~ = ChangeNote: The attack callouts refer to the default controls.


  • + Air / Ground Special
    • Hitting a fighter will now shoot it more accurately at an angle to allow Arya to pursue
  • + air attack
    • The first hit will now be more accurately combined into the second blow
  • + Neutral air attack
    • It now has branching earlier on the hit
  • + Ground Side Attack
    • Arya will retain speed on the first hit of a side attack.
  • + ground attack
    • Arya will retain speed on the first hit of a side attack.
  • ~ Air/Earth Neutral Special
    • Fixed a bug where Arya would not copy capsule hit boxes on her normal neutral attacks when stealing a fighter’s face.


  • ~ For air/land side
    • Fixed a bug where Batman would skip his wrestling destination if the fighter he was wrestling for evaded.
  • Ground side attack
    • The first hit added 3 frames of recovery.

rabbit flea

  • ~ Air Up Special
    • Fixed a loophole where bugs could spawn two missiles.
  • ~ Special Air Side
    • Fixed a loophole where bugs could spawn two missiles.
  • Air/Earth Neutral Special
    • Fixed a bug where bugs could spawn multiple treasuries without turning on the cooldown.
  • Air Down Special
    • Now the previous bug tunnels will disappear when you create new ones.
  • air attack
    • 4 frames added to restore the whiff.
  • aerial side attack
    • Increased whiff recovery by 5 frames.
  • neutral attack
    • Increased whiff recovery by 5 frames.
  • ground attack
    • Max pie life is set to 8 seconds, from infinite.


  • on the house
    • Fixed an issue where Finn would still spend gold on perk generated gems
  • negative
    • Attacks affected by Attack Decay no longer produce coins
  • + Air Down Special
    • Fixed an issue where gems required 200 gold to spawn, but only cost 100 to spawn. Gem is required now and costs 100
  • special air side
    • Added more freshness than a whiff.
  • Special ground/air
    • Reduce the vacuum impact force on the backpack
  • aerial side attack
    • Active tires have been reduced to reduce Finn’s ability to hit the fighters behind him
  • ground attack
    • The distance the Finn traveled with this attack is proportional to the extent of the attack charge.
  • Ground side attack
    • Increased recovery for the first strike.


  • + Special neutral antenna / ground
    • Song activation starts earlier in frame 12 instead of frame 30.
  • ~ Air / Ground Down Special
    • Fixed a bug where Garnet would be stopped by an Iron Giant collision when she privately moved with her.
  • + neutral attack
    • Slightly higher base bounce


  • ~ suffice paddle
    • Harley impact bomb shrinks to better fit the blast radius
  • + weight

iron giant

  • ~ visual effects
    • Global Fighter VFX now matches better the size of the Iron Giant without making the screen too busy. Notable modifications include the effect of the mass of projectiles, the strengthening of the speed increase, and the reduction of Stephen Babel’s level
  • Air / Ground Down Special
    • Fixed an issue where VFX paths would still exist and fill the screen
  • Air/Earth Neutral Special
    • Gray Health reduced from activation from 2 + #bolts HP for 5 seconds to #bolts HP for 3 seconds
  • ~ Earth Forward Own
    • Iron giant grabs are properly banned by incompatible nations.
  • Air/Earth Special
    • Knockout angle changed to send fighters horizontally and away from the Iron Giant
  • air attack
    • He can no longer hit the same target multiple times
  • neutral attack
    • Changed the final strike angle to send fighters horizontally and away from the Iron Giant
  • ground attack
    • Gray Health reduced from scrap from 3 HP for 5 seconds to 2 HP for 3 seconds
  • ~ ground attack forward
    • Static attack decay is not triggered for all parts of the forward attack group


  • Down Air Attack
    • Removed instant cancellation of attack to prevent infinite skateboard
  • ground attack
    • extra fresh whiff; A little later, charge the cancellation window to make it more mandatory


  • hot hands
    • When an ally catches an invisible pass while Hot Hands is being equipped, the basketball pass emits flames to let allies know that they are going to throw a flaming basketball
  • ~ For air/land side
    • LeBron’s solo immersion no longer generates a shock wave on Earth.
  • + Ground / Air Down Special (without ball)
    • Modified to prevent annoying balls
  • + Aerial side attack
    • branches struck earlier; Fix for blow hit behind him too much
  • + Neutral attack
    • Hit the branches earlier to increase the combo potential.
  • + Ground side attack / Ground attack
    • Combined attack decay removed from side attack and bottom attack
  • + Ground Side Attack
    • 3 more consistent combo strokes.
  • ~ Neutral Ground Attack
  • ~ Basketball
    • Fixed some team color issues that might occur when reversing a LeBron basketball.


  • + Air Up Special
    • Removed hitpause on ally who threw Reindog when Reindog contacts him as a ball
  • Air/Earth Neutral Special
    • Cooldown increased from 13 to 14 seconds
  • + air attack


  • The side of the air of special anger
    • Recovery increased by two frames; Now the best special games on the side of earth fury
  • + Rage Ground Down Special
    • Shaggy’s shockwave will fire fighters in a final blow that applies a weak vulnerability.
  • Ground / Air side private
    • Added 4 more frames to restore the whiff


  • Ground Down Special
    • Stephen’s Watermelon’s ability slowdown now begins when Stephen’s Watermelon is discarded.
  • ~ Neutral Air Attack
    • Animation is no longer an obstacle.
  • ~ Voice/Sound Effects
    • Fixed an issue where Steven VO intro lines failed to play.
  • ~ sarcasm
    • Fixed an issue where Stephen could only taunt him.


  • neutral ground attack
    • Added more freshness than a whiff.
  • ground attack
    • Added more freshness than a whiff.
  • Ground Down Special
    • Added more freshness than a whiff.


  • ~Depaf chicken
  • + Air / Ground Down Special
    • The direction of motion of modified projectiles for Taz Spit projectiles is more advanced and less lube.
  • + Special neutral antenna / ground
    • If Taz eats a shell that can’t be spit out again, he will update his apple base ability count.
  • Air/Earth Special
    • Damage reduced from 10 to 9 and basic ATK reduced from 1500 to 1350
  • ~ For air/land side
    • Now cool down with a 7-second slowdown. While the calm is active, the special aspect is a weaker version of the tornado.
  • + ground attack
    • Now a two-stroke attack. combos early strike in the clap sandwich

Tom & Jerry

  • + Tom and Jerry Dynamite
    • Now applies the effects of the projectile feature.
  • ~ Ordinary Air Attacks
    • Fixed a bug that prevented Tom and Jerry from using normal attacks when reaching the special air limit.
  • Air Up Special
    • Fixed an issue where Jerry would still get active hit tires when falling from a missile


  • knowledge is power
    • Gray health reduced from 7 HP for 5 seconds to 3 HP for 3 seconds
  • special air side
  • Air Up Special
    • Weak packages reduced from 3 to 2
  • Ground side private
    • Gray health reduced from 12 HP for 4 seconds to 6 HP for 3 seconds
  • Down Air Attack
  • aerial side attack
  • Neutral ground/air attack
    • Fixed issues with word bubbles passing through bug tunnels.
  • Weight
    • Weight reduced from 63 to 60

amazing woman

  • Athena’s shield
    • Modified projectile shield scale for Athena’s shield signature feature to cover edge status as projectiles pass over it during dodge.
  • + Special neutral ground/air
    • Cooldown reduced from 13 to 12 seconds
  • + private ground side
    • Projectile Shield was released early to allow it to better interact with incoming projectiles.
  • ~ air attack
    • Hurtbox should now better match the animation.
  • + weight
    • Weight gain from 65 to 76

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