National Trust Christmas Advert 2022 - Best Christmas Advertisements

National Trust Christmas Advert 2022 – Best Christmas Advertisements

The National Trust released its own Christmas Announcement For 2022 – beloved forest animals take center stage.

set to We wish you a happy birthday, the one-minute ad features squirrels, mice gliding on ropes, buzzing bees, robins, reindeer, and rabbits as they search for gifts to trade. Celebrating the opening Trust’s Christmas StoreIt’s a heart-warming video that will get everyone in a festive mood.

At the beginning of the ad it reads: “Just the night before Christmas and all over the store, the critters were busy finding the perfect gifts to swap.” Then we see the sweet creatures wandering around the store, looking for the ultimate Christmas gift.

Sustainability is at the heart of advertising. From recyclable wrapping paper to plantable gift cards that grow into wildflowers, the message is clear: Give nature a greener Christmas gift.

Explore the Trusted National Christmas Store

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The National Trust says: “Although they are absolutely wonderful, there is an important sub-message in terms of the care we take to sourcing products with nature and the environment – leafy trees are FSC, decorations They are fair trade and handcrafted, all food items are made in the UK and much of the textiles included are made from recycled materials.

Watch now: The Adventures of Christmas 2022

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