New York State politician says raccoon broke and fell on the flag

New York State politician says raccoon broke and fell on the flag

Looks like we have some non-national wild animals in New York. A county politician in upstate New York claims some curious raccoons have entered his home on three separate occasions in recent weeks. WHEC He says the hungry animals targeted the legislator’s house, ate his food, and went to his personal belongings.

According to his account, at least one of these creatures had defamed Old Glory in an extremely disrespectful manner.

Raccoon in New York

According to Wildlife NYC, Raccoons are the most common animals in the state of New York. These hearty creatures can live in almost any type of habitat. Adults can weigh anywhere from 9 to 30 pounds, and they can be seen at any time of the day or night foraging for food.


UPI He says the sixth Albany County legislator, Sam Finn, was the first to push the raccoons into his house when he left the back door slightly open for his plane. The second time was when he had a cat door installed. The third time, the animals became quite rude, chewing a hole through his screen and entering again.

WHEC He says Finn was out of town, when his neighbor called and told him they heard a nose coming from his apartment. Vin told the affiliate that he has “Indoor cam so I logged into my cam and saw I had a raccoon in my house,” But the official told Times Union Their next move was “unpatriotic” in every sense of the word.

I noticed that they went into a closet with an American flag folded in it and defecate the American flag, so I felt that the amount of waste we create in this country that they benefit from, they should be more grateful.

No respect, we tell you. No word if any of the invasive raccoons were collaborating with the Russians or any other country.

Do not deal with raccoons

Did you know you can’t bring a raccoon to a pet store in New York State? One couple found out back in June that you can’t, and they seem to face a fine for doing so.

Officials say they received an urgent call from a pet store in early June that the two had brought the animal to the store. Raccoons are wild animals known to carry and transmit rabies. Unfortunately, the couple’s irresponsibility has cost this animal in the long run.

raccoon in store

NBC He says a Department of Environmental Conservation police officer took the call from an employee at an Erie County pet store. The officer was able to track the couple using video from the store’s surveillance camera and found the license plate of the car they were driving. Erie County officials Says the man and his girlfriend, from Attica, were in the store buying supplies.

The DEC said in a press release The couple were fined $500 for bringing the animal to the store. New York Post He says the duo willingly handed over the raccoon to officials and was brought to a clinic for rabies testing. The animal test came back negative, according to the paper. For a rabies test, NBC says, the raccoon had to be euthanized.

Can you own a raccoon in upstate New York?

NY DEC . website He says that while raccoons are protected by law in the state.. no One you may own raccoon Without a license, no licenses are issued to wildlife for pets.

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Because regulation of exotic animals is up to the states, some organizations, including the Humane Society of the United States, advocate for uniform federal legislation prohibiting the possession of big cats, bears, monkeys, and large venomous snakes as pets.

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