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Nioh 2 best guard souls for defensive buildings

Nioh 2, Soulslike from Team Ninja, available for free this month on PS Plus, is set in mythical feudal Japan and has a number of mechanics that distinguish it from the classic FromSoftware series. There are three combat situations, each focusing on amplifying an aspect of combat in the game, from speed to strength. There Ki Pulse, Which, if timed correctly, can restore a portion of a player’s stamina (or Ki), allowing them to continue their attack. Then there are the souls of the guards.

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Guardian Souls is perhaps the most visually impressive addition to the Soulslike formula that Nioh 2 brings to the table. They are powerful spirits – some animals, some mythical creatures – that the player can equip and summon. They do things like increase player damage or attack speed, add elemental effect to player attacks, and more. There are 37 spirits in total, found throughout the main game and in the DLC, so deciding which spirit is best for a particular build can take some work. Here are the top picks for a defensive character.

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10/10 nine tails

Obtained after the mission “Frenzied Blade (Dawn)”, usually used to increase fire damage, Nine Tails Spirit is the best choice for Luck builds; Players trying to increase the quality of the loot. However, in addition to a 1.15 times increase in overall defense, Nine Tails had a whopping 20% ​​increase in fire resistance.

This is the main draw for this spirit of defense that builds. Fire damage is, by far, the most common condition disease used by enemies. Most Yokai benefit from fire damage and Some bosses are in the middle and late in the game Set fire to their yard at every opportunity. Nine Tails can make those fights more manageable.

9/10 Usura Heisho

This spirit is represented by a flock of butterflies and is obtained through side quest “Snake and Butterfly”, Typically used in water damage buildings due to the 15% increase in water damage, as well as water damage caused by the Guardian Spirit skill.

However, as part of a defensive group, Usura-Hicho can contribute some powerful secondary rewards. On top of increasing the defense by 1.15 times, it also reduces the Ki consumption of the dash. If players turn to mobile defense over tank defense, this bonus is invaluable. Usura-Hicho also restores 100 Life each time the player purifies the Yokai world. Since Yokai Realms are the most dangerous area in the game, extra Life redeeming is very useful.

8/10 Caguani

One of the starting three guards spirits, Kagewani is a shark spirit that increases the player’s total life stats. Essentially, equipping this soul grants an automatic life increase of 200 points, which can be game-changing, especially early on.

Increased life has a clear benefit to defensive structures, and Kagewani brings with it the life-draining effect on every Yokai ability that strikes the enemy. However, other than these two effects (and his general 1.2x increase in general defense), Kagewani doesn’t offer much else in terms of damage reduction.

7/10 Giokoto

Obtained later in the game than Usura-hicho but that spirit’s merits are improved in nearly every class, Gyokuto is a little rabbit whose Guardian Spirit skill deals a minimal amount of Lightning Damage but quickly builds shockwaves into the enemies it strikes. Obtained after the mission “Dawn of Hope”.

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Important rewards are Gyokuto’s 15% reduction in dash Ki consumption, 1.2x increase in overall defense, and its effect on player recovery. Gyokuto increases life restored by elixir by 10%, and also gives 10% chance of elixir retention after use. This spirit makes an excellent supportive option, which players turn to whenever they need healing.

6/10 amabi

Amabie, a long-haired spirit fish, was obtained after the main quest “In Search of the Elixir” in Nioh 2 Downloadable content “The First Samurai”. On top of the general defense’s 1.24x boost, Amabie’s special effects make the best secondary defense Guardian Spirit in the game.

Provides a reward of 50 points for resistance to paralysis and makes medicines 50% more effective when the player has low health. This alone holds a lot of value. On top of that, Amabie makes it so that Elixirs also work to dispel any condition ailments when used, essentially doubling their usefulness. Finally, using elixir with Amabie equipment also gives protection, a smaller secondary health bar that depletes slowly over time, but will deal any damage received in place of players’ primary health bar. Amabie cannot carry the defensive burden on its own, but as a secondary option, it is second to none.

5/10 Rokozo

This elephant spirit was obtained after the mission “The Hidden Monsters of Okehazama (Dawn)”, and it has a variety of defensive rewards that it gives the player, making it the first ranger spirit listed here. The 0.95x increase in overall defense isn’t inspiring, but its special effects are where Rokugezo really shines.

First, Rokugezo grants an automatic 20-point boost for lightning resistance. This not only reduces lightning damage but slows down the buildup of the shock state disease, which slows down the player’s movement and attacks. Rokugezo also awards a 20-point bonus to Toughness, a statistic that reduces the amount of Ki consumed by blocking or hitting. For tank building, this Spirit is one of the best out there.

4/10 oh

During the “Palace of the Damned” level in Nioh 2 DLC “Darkness in the Capital”, Sible Guardian Spirit is made available to anyone in DLC “The Tengu’s Disciple”. He and Oh are a pair of mysterious bird spirits. He leans more toward attack, and oh he’s his mirror of defense.

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Oh gives a 1.07x boost to all defense, but the main draw is its effect on protection. It reduces the Ki consumption of the player’s guard by 7% and also speeds up the Ki recovery when the player has perfected his guard. In the right hand, Oh can allow the player to guard constantly without getting stunned, no matter how many hits he blocks. It also gives a bit of a life boost when a player absorbs Amrita, so players with good timing are almost invincible when equipped.

3/10 is oh

When players collect the Guardian Spirits of Ho and Oh from their DLCs, they automatically unlock the Spirit Ho-oh. It is a fusion of these two lower spirits, both visually and in terms of Guardian Spirit skill and special effects. While his overall defense boost is less (a trivial 1.02x) it makes up for it in other ways.

Ho-oh passive therapist. When players are out of combat, this spirit will gradually restore their full health. This alone is almost invaluable, but the other advantage of Ho-oh is that it reduces Yokai’s damage by 7%. By far the toughest (and most annoying) enemies in Nioh 2 She is Yokai, and they can finish a good round in seconds. This damage reduction is a lifesaver, and the Defense Builder will definitely appreciate having it.

2/10 the blue Dragon

The Blue Dragon is found by completing the mission “Prisoners of Stones” in “The Tengu’s Disciple” DLC, a blue dragon. This Spirit game is one of the best all-rounders in the game, boosting overall defense by 1.08x, improving ranged attacks between players, and enhancing Accumulate shock and damage against shocked enemies.

Defensively, the Blue Dragon is similarly oriented for all situations. It reduces all damage dealt by 15% and also reduces base damage blocked by a whopping 40%. This reduction is really important, but with the proper armor equipped, players can push it higher. Blue Dragon brings a great mix of attack and defense buffs, allowing players to adapt to every situation.

1/10 Jinbo

The Genbu turtle arrives at the end of the second chapter of the game. Unlocking this soul requires defeating one of the most dynamic and challenging bosses in the game, but it’s worth it. Genbu’s Guardian Spirit skill is a devastating area of ​​effect that shoots enemies into the air, or at least stuns them and leaves them wide open for attack. Then there are its negative rewards.

1.25 times the overall defense boost, the best in Nioh 2All damage reduced by 5% is just the beginning. Genbu also reduces item damage by an additional 15%, And when combined with the right shield, It can ultimately ignore 100% of the item’s damage. It also grants Stalwart, which prevents the player from tripping while casting magic. defensive players, Defensive spells will become necessary, And Genbu ensuring receiving those spells is invaluable. There is no better combination of defensive bonuses than any Guardian Spirit in the game.

Nioh 2It was released on March 12, 2020, and is available on PS4, PS5, and PC. It is available for free to Playstation Plus subscribers during the month of November 2022.

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