Nuggets striker Michael Porter Jr doesn't care what you think of him

Nuggets striker Michael Porter Jr doesn’t care what you think of him

SALT LAKE CITY – Defiantly, Nuggets striker Michael Porter Jr. tells skeptical NBA to the Twitterverse: “I really don’t care what people say.”

We love brawler. But if Porter can’t live up to the expectations that come with an annual salary of $30.9 million, RIP is reminded by MPJ.

Porter played his first basketball game in 348 days, and it wasn’t a happy or triumphant comeback for Porter.

In the season opener, the Nuggets were beaten 123-102 on Wednesday night by Utah side Victor Wimpanyama, the most-anticipated No. 1 pick since LeBron James in 2003.

Porter scored 15 points and grabbed seven rebounds. But his defense was missing, allowing lesser-known players in the Utah outfit, including Laurie Markkanen, who scored 17 points, to make up for MPJ’s contributions towards the end of the attack.

In his search for inner peace, Porter closed his ears and eyes on social media, and made a concerted effort not to get sucked into what he calls his “rabbit hole.”

When asked why he decided to pull the plug when checking his signals, Porter cited the Super Bowl-winning quarterback who is now on a coast-to-coast blast as being washed out.

“If you have a good game, people talk great about you. Bad game, everything on Twitter is negative,” Porter said.

“I see examples, over and over again. Example: Russell Wilson, he’s a good friend of mine. People have praised him so much throughout his career and now he’s having some adversities, and the things people write about him on Twitter are kind of disappointing. That’s why I try to stay away On social media.

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