NYF AME Awards announces 2022 award winners

New York Festivals AME AwardsCelebrating the event globally since 1994, announce 2022 Prize winners.

AME International Awards grand jury They have received the following: AME Best of Show (Grand Prize), four Regional Platinum Awards, one Green Award, 25 Gold, 31 Silver, 39 Bronze, and 30 Final Certificates for their pioneering results-based work. For a full list of the 2022 AME Award winning entries, visit Prize winners.


Seven.One AdFactory / Creative House / White Rabbit Budapest / WallDecaux were honored for their innovative work “#flutwein – Our Worst Antique” with AME Best of Show (Grand Prize) and AME Platinum – Europe honored. The campaign, created for the Flutwein client, also earned 3 Gold Tower awards.

“Flutwein” (Flood Wine) was created by the catastrophic floods that destroyed more than 50 wineries in the Ahr Valley, Germany. 200,000 bottles of wine contaminated with mud and dirt survived the disaster, and the newly created #flutwein brand uniting more than 50 independent wineries from the Ahrweiler region under one label. The #flutwein bottles were made available on crowdfunding platform Startnext in exchange for a donation and became Germany’s most successful crowdfunding campaign.

Great results include a €100,000 donation after the first day. After the first week, the goal of one million euros was reached. The value of the wine increased by 4,500% and raised more than 4,4 million euros. Flutwein has doubled the effectiveness of its most successful German crowdfunding campaign to date. The total press coverage has reached more than 800 million contacts.

“It is a great honor for us to conclude the first year of our new agency division Creative House with such great international recognition. Creativity matters, and when it comes to disasters, creativity can change the rules of the game and have a huge impact on society. We are proud of our friends and partners WallDecaux and White Rabbit Budapest, as well as Startnext and many others who have walked this path with us in the Ahr Valley. Now we are looking forward to our next campaign for the region, which will begin in a few weeks.” – Tom Schwartz (Managing Director) and Daniel Koehler (Director of Strategic Content and Creative) from Seven.One AdFactory/Creative House

“We firmly and wholeheartedly believe that creativity can and should be effective. The Flutwein campaign is a great example of that. We feel very proud to be a part of it.” – Levente Balint, CEO of White Rabbit Budapest

Four notable international agencies have been honored by the AME Grand Jury with the 2022 AME Platinum Regional Awards.

Asia Pacific

Special New Zealand received the 2022 AME Platinum Award – Asia Pacific for David’s Unusables for Motor Neuron Disease in New Zealand. The agency also won two gold medals for the campaign.

To raise awareness of the debilitating disease that causes muscle deterioration, Motor Neurone Disease, Special NZ used a media-led idea that charted a real-life decline for David Seymour by selling items he can no longer use in New Zealand’s leading electronic marketplace. Trade Me (Copy from Ebay NZ). TradeMe – David’s Unusables store featured 33 timeline items related to David’s physical decline and told the story of David’s loss. This auction also became a medium for storytelling. The results include 41 individual PR articles worth over $230,000 USD and 7.9 million impressions (duplicate reach).

“It is great to see that David’s Unusables products have been recognized by our peers around the world for their achievements in raising awareness of the nature of motor neuron disease among a large proportion of New Zealanders. Congratulations to all the winners and thanks to the wonderful judges for volunteering their time.” – Rory Gallery, Chief Strategy Officer, Special New Zealand

Middle East and Africa

Havas Middle East was awarded the AME Platinum Award – Middle East and Africa for its “Liquid Billboard” for adidas customers. Liquid Billboard got three additional gold towers.

To launch adidas’ new comprehensive line and inspire women to embrace the water with confidence, the agency designed and created the Liquid Billboard, the world’s first swimmable media space. The billboard, 5 meters high and 3 meters deep, doubled as a fully usable pool capable of holding 11,500 gallons of water. The billboard invited women to dive in and become the champions of the campaign and the new mass line. Results – The revitalization sparked social conversations about making swimming more inclusive as a sport across 60 countries on six continents, generated organic PR in more than 40 languages, and reached 350 million people with $6 million in earned media. The campaign resulted in a 70% sale of the new comprehensive line within four weeks.

“The Liquid Billboard campaign is a great example of how good creativity leads to business results.

One overseas position, global reach of millions of people and a very successful launch of a new product. while also contributing to maintaining adidas’ position among the world’s top creative brands.” – Fabio Silveira, General Manager, Havas Middle East

To see award winning entries for 2022, visit Prize winners.

North Amarica

“Better With Pepsi” by Alma DDB USA was awarded the AME Platinum – North America award. The campaign also got two additional golden towers.

As a competing brand, Pepsi has highlighted the unspoken cultural truth that has been exploited in the campaign, namely that for more than 30 years, the three US burger chains have denied consumers the opportunity to enjoy burgers with Pepsi due to exclusive deals with Coke.

The building block of the initiative was the paper artwork that revealed the Pepsi logo on the covers of the top burger chains. With three main images, the campaign was simple, yet memorable. Impressive results – Adweek claimed it was the brand’s best job in years, 3.6 billion impressions including OOH, Twitter, Auto (TMZ, Radar Online, Perez Hilton) and print. 1.3 million Twitter posts with an engagement rate of 11%, and 720% higher than Pepsi’s brand benchmark of 1.34%. OOH generated 1.16 million impressions across New York City, Los Angeles, Dublin Ohio, Miami and Chicago, where the New York Post print generated an additional 181,000 impressions and led to a 29% increase in brand consideration.

“It is a huge honor for all of us at Alma to be awarded with the AME Platinum North America award, especially for a campaign like Better With Pepsi that exemplifies the undeniable power of simplicity, craftsmanship and cultural tension. I could not be more proud of our team and thank you to our partners at Pepsi for their collaboration that has resulted in To such a world-renowned campaign, which we hope will continue to remind us of the impact that print advertising continues to have in today’s fast paced consumer culture.” – Alvar Snoll, Co-President and Chief Creative Officer

Green AME Award

AMVBBDO UK has been awarded the prestigious AME Green Award for “Hope Reef” for client Sheba. The campaign also received an AME Gold Award and two Silver Awards.

Sheba has restored the habitats that fish call home and launched the world’s largest coral reef restoration program. This 10-year commitment began with Hope Reef off Indonesia and has spread to five other countries. Sheba has transformed the site of a dead coral reef into a new reef the size of two Olympic-size swimming pools, seen from the air from which it floats – HOPE. Sheba’s Hope Reef has been granted special historical status and is discoverable on Google Earth, Maps, and Street View. Coral reefs thrive with 70% coral coverage and 300% abundance of fish.

Results – 1 million people have discovered Hope Reef on Google Maps. Sheba’s Reef Star system has been certified by five other countries. 20 million views on their YouTube channel raised enough money for a new publicly funded reef. Global PR includes 2.5 billion earned impressions (BBC, Forbes, National Geographic) and a 276% increase in positive social conversations about coral restoration. Brand awareness increased +17%, willingness to buy increased +14%.

“At a time when the threats to the environment feel insurmountable, we wanted to provide visual evidence that there is still hope. As a cat food brand, out there to give cats what they love, Sheba couldn’t stand idly by and watch coral become extinct, reefs and all fish that depend on it.

We embarked on the world’s largest reef restoration and planted Hope Reef – a new reef in a formerly arid site of dead corals. As a discoverable landmark on Google Maps, Hope Reef has become a mantra that proves that there can be man-made solutions to man-made problems. The image and message spread around the world through global news outlets, and as of today, five more countries are building new coral reefs with us. Hope Reef has been a true collaboration not just between agencies or agencies and clients but with the scientific and local communities on the islands, and we couldn’t be more proud to see this teamwork recognized by our industry in such a prestigious award.” — Emily Brydon, Director of Strategy, AMVBBDO and Dennis Truelove, Global Vice President of Brands, Mars Petcare.

The results of the AME Grand Jury are analyzed in the annual ranking summary, the AME Report, which is a creative rating system based on the total points earned for winning entries and provides an account of the top agencies and brands in this year’s competition.

To see the presentation of the 2022 AME Awards winner, visit: over here. To see a video of the winners of the AME Best of Show, Platinum and Green awards, visit over here.

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