Oakridge evacuees find support in Eugene

Oakridge evacuees find support in Eugene

Mavis Bass felt a lot calmer on Saturday. The day before she was trying – she spent the day evacuating her home, all 17 of her pets, and was separated from her husband of 90 when the Cedar Creek Fire approached her home in Oakridge.

On Friday afternoon, her husband insisted she should come back for him after she first took her furry family members to the Lynn County Fairgrounds, which shelters animals large and small that had been evacuated from the fire. But by 7:30 p.m., the fire had so intense that the Oakridge-Westfair area escalated to a level 3 “go now” evacuation order and she was unable to reach it.

Bass went to the temporary evacuation center at Lynn Community College, where the Lynn County Health and Human Services team worked all night to connect those who had nowhere to go with resources. Bus after bus from Oakridge arrived at LCC while Bass was waiting, wondering if her husband would get her out safely.

“I really wasn’t expecting it to come to this,” Bass told the Register-Guard Friday night.

Clover goats, left, help their owner, Mavis Bass, center, with some papers while checking their animals with volunteer Tasha Schweitz Saturday afternoon at the Lynn County Fairgrounds after Oakridge was evacuated before the Cedar Creek Fire Friday.

Friday night at LCC:First Oakridge Evacuees Arrive at LCC Eugene Fairgrounds

Finally, a bus arrived with only one passenger – her husband. Search and Rescue finds him and sends him to Eugene.

The couple were two of about 100 looking for a respite at the Eugene fairgrounds after smoke, soot and blackouts hit the Oakridge Westfair area. County officials estimate that about 3,000 people have been evacuated from the area.

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