Paris Hilton: ‘I Cannot Wait’ To Have Kids

Paris Hilton Gets ‘Proactive’ With Mental and Physical Health Amid Hunting Dogs

Paris Hilton lets everyone know that her mental health comes first!

The model made headlines recently when she reported the disappearance of her puppy, Diamond Baby; Since then, she’s been posting updates and how the loss affects her. However, that loss didn’t stop the starlet from celebrating Breast Cancer Awareness Month and World Mental Health Day — while taking it seriously with some surprising discoveries of her own.

Paris Hilton opens up about losing her grandmother to breast cancer


Hilton fans know she’s been through a lot lately, especially with the disappearance of her adorable pet. However, minds can be relaxed as the star appears to be taking her health very seriously.

As evidenced in her recent Instagram postThe popular socialite has posted a slew of photos and videos of her along with professional health practitioners from her recent visit for a full body check-up.

The first photo showed the entrepreneur in some hospital care kit taking a selfie with the scanner and sitting on it; On the next slide you can see what is supposed to be the result of the scan showing what her skeleton looks like.

Others included a video of Hilton among Prenuvo employees chanting its famous “That Hot” slogan and smiling at the camera and the clinic’s front door as it arrived. Her caption started with:

“It is not only Breast Cancer Awareness Month, but today is also World Mental Health Day. My grandmother passed away of breast cancer, and I miss her every day.”

The 41-year-old added that it was important for her to be proactive and not to interact with her health. She noted that at Prenuvo, she was very impressed with her technique and how quickly she got her results.

At the end of the message, she encouraged her followers to take a survey to take care of themselves while she was there, along with the hashtags “BreastCancerAwarenessMonth” and “WorldMentalHealthDay.”

She didn’t stop there because she booked a specific post for her Instagram story To celebrate fellow survivors of mental illness on the occasion of World Mental Health Day. She is photographed standing alone, supporting the camera, wearing a simple T-shirt and hat.

The “Zoolander” star pulled her hair forward to allow the word “Survivor” to be visible across the back of the black shirt she was wearing. A bitchy “Honey Bunny” video wrote above the photo:

“Happy World Mental Health Day to all my sisters and brothers who are survivors. The call for change has allowed me to recover next to you in such a profound manner.”

With her next words, the heiress reassured the survivors by telling them they did not deserve to be offended or to struggle in silence alongside the “ISeeYouSurvivor” hashtag.

While he was a source of encouragement to others, the guest of “Raising Helen” She’s still seriously searching for her little one, reports The Blast. in video Posted on the singer’s fan pageShe was heartbroken, dressed all in black as a voice in the background urged her to speak to the dognapper.

She then faced the camera and pleaded for the return of her dog, which she referred to as her baby. The “Nine Lives” actress said, “Please give me back my baby. She’s everything to me. Part of me is gone. I need her back.” Caption text:

“#FindDiamondBaby Let’s keep sharing Diamond’s photo until the person with the DB can bring it back to ParisHilton.”

The Simple Life star works with psychics in search of clues

Even though it’s been more than two weeks since her child’s disappearance, Hilton refused to give up hope. Like I mentioned before The Blast, I’ve even gone As much as psychics consult pets to try to connect with her little one.

The “stars are blind” singer has been revealed to the sixth page That she spoke to “seven trusted pet socialites/communicators” and they all confirmed that Diamond Baby was alive and that she was with someone. confessed:

“At this point, hope is the only thing that helps me,” while she urged her fans to stay away from her “little girl.”

Not only did the creator of the perfume communicate with the brokers, but she also offered a whopping ten thousand dollars without asking any questions to anyone with information leading to her safe return.

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