Pictured is rabbit breeder Ryan McBride of MC Rabbitry. Provided image.

Nappanee – Stopping to pet the rabbits at the ACT Nappanee-Wakarusa booth at Nappanee’s Friday Fest on June 10 will not only provide thrills to children but also help hungry families locally and globally, according to a press release from Advancing Community in Nappanee and Wakrausa Together.

Rabbit breeder Ryan McBride of MC Rabbitry, based in Harrison Township near Nappanee, will share his knowledge of these animals. He will have bunnies for kids and adults to pet as they learn about the ways bunnies provide food, fur, and fancy for hobby and commercial use.

McBride is a member of the American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA). As such, it helps newcomers in rabbit breeding with tips. At the Friday Fest event on June 10 in Nappanee, he will give three short presentations: at 5:30pm – How to Raise a Rabbit Show, at 6:15pm – Show Rabbit Guidelines, and at 7pm – Breed ID: Food, Fur & Fancy .

“I was introduced to rabbits through my kids’ 4-H projects,” McBride said. “Then this animal became more and more fascinated. There are 50 different breeds recognized by the ARBA and breeding them is a great way for children to learn responsibility.”

Rabbits are effective converters of fodder, grass and hay. Three rabbits – a buck and two – can produce enough offspring in 18 months to produce the weight equivalent of a full grown beef. McBride notes that “one important difference between raising rabbits and directing rabbits is that you will have meat all the way with rabbits.”

This fact makes rabbits a cornerstone of Heifer International’s program to help hungry families in developing countries. In addition to accepting contributions for Heifer.org, the ACT Nappanee-Wakarusa booth will also accept contributions on behalf of The Center, a WaNee-area charity that provides food pantry among other services to financially stressed families. Food insecurity in Elkhart County continues, Mark Meckel, the center’s executive director, said: “At our pantry, demand has increased 93% in the past two months with gas and grocery prices increasing, and customers anticipating the impending decline. A 50% benefit from the SNAP program” .

McBride’s 5:30 p.m. Show on June 10, How to Raise a Show Rabbit, will emphasize the importance of providing your rabbit with a safe cage, balancing his diet, checking in on him frequently, and handling your rabbit often so that he trusts you and gets used to communication. human.

“My best advice for raising your own show rabbit: Find a reputable rabbit breeder teacher and forget what Bugs Bunny says, carrots are not good for rabbits,” says McBride. He recommends that anyone planning to breed show rabbits obtain their stock from a reputable breeder.

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