Pet Travel: Tips for Traveling with Your Cottontail Star TikTok Rabbit

Pet Travel: Tips for Traveling with Your Cottontail Star TikTok Rabbit

Miffy Rabbit’s first trip was essential. When owner Sami Chen moved to New York From Taiwan in 2018, she couldn’t bear to leave her tender companion behind.

Once she settled down, Miffy followed her with a pet travel company.

“He came here alone and was really brave,” says Sami, who is a classical pianist and fashionista. Designer.

The 25-year-old owner of Miffy isn’t planning on getting a new travel buddy. “Rabbits are usually very nervous in new environments. They get stressed easily…it’s hard for them to trust humans,” she says.

But after spending a long time in a cage during airline And between the houses, Miffy needed to stretch his legs.

“I started taking him out to park to exercise,” says Sami.

I noticed that Miffy was really friendly with humans – “I feel like he thinks he’s a human or something!” – So I decided to take it away, starting with a short trips Close to home.

“When I travel with Miffy, he’s really cuddly – I think it’s a bonding experience,” adds Sami. “He trusts me [because] Every time after we travel, he comes back to the same house.”

Now, the pair are inseparable.

“He’s kind of attached to me and I’m attached to him. So it’s a good thing that we Travel Everywhere together,” says Sami.

Does Miffy Rabbit Enjoy Traveling?

As Sami says, rabbits are not always suitable for a life of travel. But Miffy doesn’t look bothered.

A few weeks ago we went to travel and he was ‘hovering’ in the hotel Sami remembers. “He was so happy to dance all around and was so cute.”

when they come back from adventuresMiffy shows his affection by licking Sammy and showing that he is comfortable flopping on his side – both indicating that he is a happy bunny.

“It just means he’s super relaxed, super confident,” says Sami.

What are Miffy Rabbit’s travel preferences?

For Miffy who loves and hates to travel, he’d rather be a part of jet set.

“Miffy loves airplane Because he’s really smooth… he eats and sleeps. but he doesn’t like Sentences [because] It’s bumpy. “

While some airlines require that rabbits be stored under the seat in a rabbit travel carrier, others allow emotional support animals to sit with their owners without restrictions.

Miffy is also a fan of Florida.

“Miffy loves Beach Mostly because it’s like a big litter box – he can dig incessantly,” says Sami. “I make him a little tent where he can eat and drink.”

So far, except for his first trip from Taiwan, Miffy has only traveled around weBut Sami hopes that one day they can go to Europe together.

Besides Florida, the duo visited Boston, VegasSan Francisco, Oklahoma, Philadelphia, North, South Carolina, West Virginia, and more.

How do people react to a mobile rabbit?

“People think it’s really funny to see me walking on a rabbit,” says Sami. And so they started asking for him Instagram. “

He didn’t have one, so Sami decided to create one. This is where he climbed to Fame seem.

Miffy and his friend Mika – who was adopted by Sami in New York in 2021 – now have nearly 120,000 followers on Instagram, more than 570,000 followers and seven million likes. tik tok.

“People love his videos, [they] make people happySami says: It really made a difference to a lot of people.

What advice does Sami give for traveling with a rabbit?

Rabbits are particularly at risk because their health can rapidly deteriorate in Emergency.

For this reason, says Sami, the most important thing is to check where the nearest 24-hour vet or animal hospital sees rabbits before you travel.

She also recommends taking things slowly.

Sami suggests: “At first, don’t go too far.” I started taking Miffy to park Let’s see how he was. Once he became more comfortable, I took him on an hour’s ride, venturing only after I had gained his trust.

Not all rabbits will be suitable for travel, and a lot depends on their personality and their daily living conditions.

“and I know that Travel Many – especially for rabbits [that are] At home all day and never outside, they would be afraid of the environment,” says Sami.

“So it really depends on the rabbits’ different situations. But it is good to let them go outside and enjoy a little bit of sun and explore.”

Finally, she stresses the importance of rest.

“When we travel airplane or SentencesIt’s too much even for humans… so I usually let the rabbit rest for a day [before] take them out.”

You can follow Miffy’s adventures Instagram And the tik tok (

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