Pleasant Grove, Texas High Dominance;  LE 4-0 for the first time since 2010

Pleasant Grove, Texas High Dominance; LE 4-0 for the first time since 2010

For the Texarkana teams, the situation couldn’t be much better.

Pleasant Grove accumulated 622 yards of attack in 63-28 shells from the Frisco Monument, fifth-ranked Texas High handled its actions fairly easily against Tyler’s legacy Class 6A with a 27-3 defeat, and Liberty Elaw—the only city remaining team Unbeaten – He survived Atlanta to become 4-0 for the first time since 2010.

not bad.

Arkansas High School has had a goodbye and will play this week at Magnolia.

In southwest Arkansas, Prescott scored 36 points in the first quarter en route to a 63-20 win in hopes of a Class 5A opponent. The win represented the program’s 26th consecutive victory in the regular season. Genoa Central (3-0) is their best start in program history after defeating Cater Morning Star, 48-16.

Paul Pewitt lost his barn stove to Troup, 60-58, in northeastern Texas. The match went to the end of the first half in a tie, 14-14.

Pleasant Grove’s “Clinic”

Junior QB Ahkhari Johnson led the way to Pleasant Grove Friday night, throwing for 181 yards and two touchdowns on 11 of 16 passes, scoring two more times on the ground as he rushed for 31 yards in nine attempts.

Jaylen Boardley did what Jaylen Boardley normally does and finished with a 196 yard all-purpose, rushed for 69 yards on six stands, pulled in four receptions for 77 yards and a point, and even returned 50 yards.

In defense, Caden McFadden made his presence known to the Hawks. He finished the night with seven tackles – one for a loss – and put pressure on Frisco QB and forced into a confusion.

As Matt Fry said in his Friday night article, Pleasant Grove turned a stadium built to display football into an American football clinic.

Pleasant Grove (3-1) will return to the road this week to face Paris (1-3). The kick-off time is set at 7:30 pm

Liberty-Eylau 2010 season starts

Although it was the nineteenth meeting between Liberty-Eylau and Atlanta, this one was a little different.

With their 14-12 win, the Panthers not only retained their bravado as the only undefeated Texarkana team, but they also started the season 4-0 for the first time since 2010.

“These kids are fighters and they will take on any challenge,” Liberty Elao coach Dewaske Davis told the newspaper. “The kids have worked hard to be where they are now and we have a chance to be good.”

Despite close competition, QB Jaydin Hampton managed to reach the century mark against an annoying rabbit defense, tying 17 of 26 passes for 105 yards. Greg London led the Panthers to the ground for 58 yards in 12 attempts.

The Panthers now own a 14-5 record against Atlanta.

“We just need some time and get some new faces in new places,” Davis said. “But we feel good. We still have one more game to prepare to play in the area.”

Liberty-Eylau (4-0) will seek to maintain their unbeaten record when they travel to Sulfur Springs (3-1) on Friday. The kick-off time is set at 7:30 pm

Texas High easily wins county final tuning

After suffering a season-opening loss, a fifth at Texas High was all business.

That included a 27-3 win Friday night over Class 6A contender Tyler Legacy.

Guaranteed to start every time he touched the ball, Javari Johnson rushed for 126 yards in just eight attempts — more than 15 yards per lunge — and found his paycheck twice. He threw fellow sophomore David Potter for 177 yards in nine completions and two finishes.

Brandon Hall and Tadrian Paul each received one of the touchdown passes.

Texas High (3-1) hosts district opponent Halsville (3-1) after homecoming. The match is scheduled to start at 7 pm

Nashville Perrine too much for Charleston

Every time Charleston faces a challenge, Nashville responds. This is because the Tigers have no answers to try to stop quarterback Scrappers Sloan Perrin.

The Big ran and passed for three touchdowns to lead Nashville to a 27-19 win over Charleston on Friday night at Alumni Arena.

“Give Charleston credit because they kept fighting,” said Nashville coach Mike Volarevich. “They have a great program here. I was so proud of the way we fought too. I thought we were strong tonight. There were times we could have quit, but we didn’t.

First back Skyler Gibson had two interceptions, the latest with 1:29 remaining, to help the Scrappers (3-1) hold off the Tigers (2-1).

Perrin finished the game with 138 yards revving in 25 runs with two touchdowns while passing for 136 yards and one point.

Genoa Central has the best start in program history

Genoa Central, which is off to its best start in program history 3-0, showed off its offensive power against the Cutter-Morning Star on Friday night.

Pending the final touches to the stadium’s renovations, the Genoa Eagles hosted a game on paper at Allen Telle Stadium in Fountain Lake.

Genoa Central’s Harrison Wilson broke through the goal line to drop 50 yards to determine the final 48-16 with 1:34 left to start the game. He finished with 192 rushing yards and one touchdown.

“I was relieved,” said Genoa central coach Chris Hudson. “All week we talked about how we had to reward their physiques. They’re big. Medium, and tall. Their line of defense has given us problems. They’ve done a good job penetrating.”

Genoa Central’s Garrett Hardin finished 147 yards, which is 3 touchdown passes.

Prescott’s regular season winning streak is now 26

With performance momentum devastating in the first quarter, Prescott (3-0) broke up Hope (0-3).

Prescott beat Hope, 36-7, in the first quarter en route to a 49-14 lead at the break.

Prescott’s first-quarter production included a 13-yard touchdown run by Brahmin Bradley, a 45-yard touchdown pass from Carston Pool to Dwayne White, a 1-yard touchdown by Poole, and a 20-yard touchdown pass by Jarmarion Burton.

Kaleo White of Hope scored in a kick-off from 82 yards to touchdown.

In the second quarter, Ravion Dickens built Prescott’s lead with landing distances of 1 yard and 52 yards.

Hope’s only result in the second quarter came from a 2-yard touchdown pass from Tyler Patterson to Kaleo Anderson.

Paul had only played Prescott to score in the third quarter at 17 yards.

Hope scored his only touchdown in the second half on a 5-yard pass from Patterson to Tamorrian Lindsey.

Hawks sails through Hawkins

Matthew Hayes hit 130 yards and landed on four grabs and Walled Keyshawn for 64 yards and landed on 12 goals to help the Hawks pounce Hawkins, 40-0, on the road on Friday.

The quarterback found Basinger Hayes and Carter Harris for two quick goals in the first quarter to give the Hornets an early 14-0 lead. Baysinger finished with 279 yards and three touchdowns in 16 of 22.

In the second quarter, Baysinger once again found Harris for a 19-yard touchdown. The Hawks also had three running yards in the quarter, Wales scoring from 28 yards, Baisinger running for 10 yards, and Dontralear Coulter dashing in 3 yards, to give them a 36-0 lead in the first half.

Hook’s final score in the fourth quarter came from Coulter’s second score in the match.

Red Water sets the record 2-2

Redwater scored 14 points in the first quarter and would be all it needed the rest of the way in a 14-7 win over hosts New Diana.

Dragon climbed onto the board first after Nick Farrar raised his hand from 49 yards. Farrar finished a game of the high 85-yard dash.

But the new Diana tied her up soon after she answered the objection to hold her 7-all.

Marquis Jones then took the 100-yard home run for the game’s final score.

Redwater QB Gavin Carrell threw for 91 yards and three interceptions and Marquis Jones had a team with a 46-yard high.

The story of two halves in the loss of Paul Peyot

Payton Green rushed for 169 yards on 19 buggies, but that wasn’t enough as Paul Pewitt lost his barn burner to Troup, 60-58, Friday night.

The match entered the first half with a tie, 14-14, but both teams came out with revenge in the second half, and each scored 20 goals in the third quarter and Troup, who outperformed Brahms, 26-22, in the fourth.

Brahma’s defense forced four holdings and regained two. Kasi Watson returned a 37-yard interception for a score in the third quarter.

James Beard, Isaac Hodges and Jessine Cato shared long distance runs for Paul Peyot in the second half. Bird found the finish zone at 46 yards, Hodges sprinted at 57 yards, and Kato found dirt at 38 yards.

Troup 60 had a dash for 566 yards and passed Paul Pewitt for 310 yards.

(Arkansas Democrat-Gazette contributed some of the Southwest Arkansas findings to this report.)

Liberty-Eylau’s WT Jones gets a pass in front of Atlanta’s Dailen Collins on Friday, September 17, 2022, at Harris Stadium in Texarkana, Texas. The Leopards won, 14-12, to start the season 4-0 for the first time since 2010 (Photo by Kevin Sutton)
Photo Pleasant Grove starts quarterback and Kornbeck Akari Johnson directs traffic during a race against Nashville in the first week of last season. Johnson had four total touchdowns for the Hawks Friday night against Frisco Memorial. (Image credits to Texarkana Gameday)

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