PROP makes use of the patchwork garden for teens

PROP makes use of the patchwork garden for teens

Patchwork folk community gardenwhich was started by Swensen in April 2021. Her father owns one of the businesses located there.

During a visit to the park last month, Swensen described it as her “little oasis in the industrial Eden Prairie”. She added that botany is of great interest to her.

“I find it very relaxing to be here with bugs and rabbits,” said Swenson, who is looking forward to a double major in music and plant biology in college.


To date, Swensen has donated approximately 1,100 pounds of produce grown in her 4,800-square-foot garden to PROP Food Shelf.

According to the website, the goal of the People Patchwork Community Garden is to unite the community, use sustainable practices, and most importantly, donate fresh produce to PROP.

She said the garden is a real jumble this year, with lots of different vegetables like cucumbers, potatoes, and cabbage, to name a few, peeking out haphazardly from the bushy vegetation.

“Instead of fighting the weeds a lot, we just let some grow,” she said. “Some are good, like milkweed. We have a lot of bugs and original stuff here.”


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New this year are bales of straw lining the edges of the garden.

“This is a new concept I’m trying to do,” she said. “It’s hay bale cultivation, where we take hay bales and fertilize them and soak them in water in April and May. I have planted all my tomatoes, peppers and eggplants in them and the straw decomposes. This is where some mushrooms also grow.”

The fence around the garden hasn’t stopped many creatures from visiting, but she doesn’t agree. She saw deer, rabbits, squirrels, and even a huge tortoise.

“I have some tomato plants popping up randomly because the rabbits must have dispersed the seeds last year, which is kind of nice because now I have tomatoes that I didn’t have to plant,” she said.


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