Lohstroh Family Farms will take guests on a hair-raising ride to a pumpkin patch where visitors can pick their pumpkins.

Pumpkin Spots, Whiskers, and Labyrinths in Greater Columbus

The season of outdoor family fun is off to a good start, with many options around the greater Columbus area.

Looking to challenge yourself with a corn maze? Lind Fruit Farm He has a “toga” maze, while the corn at Little Darby Creek celebrates its centenary Ohio Stadium And the Van Buren Acres Honors United States Navy Blue Angels.

If corn is not your favorite vegetable, Circle S Farms The sunflower maze, the Van Buren Acres soybean maze and the Pigeon Roost farm a small maze of sorghum. Many farms also offer smaller mazes, including hay-teaching courses for children.

If you are looking for pumpkins, they are available on almost all farms, often in picking piles, and sometimes in a field at the end of a wagon ride.

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