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Rabbit owners warn of the dangers of RHDV2

Dr. Cynthia Matro

Many of the articles I write deal with pet dogs and cats, but I am also interested in many other types of companion animals, including pet rabbits.

Pet rabbits need checkups and monitoring of the health of their teeth, skin, coat, nutrition, and nail care. In August, a relatively new disease in rabbits was identified at a local rabbit facility in Fayette County. Recent developments and the development of this infectious disease, known as RHDV-2, have caused concern for owners of lagomorphs (rabbits).

Pet rabbit owners have been told for years that there is no need for vaccines for their fluffy mates, but this has recently changed with the development of a vaccine for a disease called RHVD2, or rabbit haemorrhagic disease virus type 2.

RHVD2 is caused by a virus in the family of viruses known as the pathogenic calcivirus. This new strain of RHVD was first found in 2010 in France. In 2018, the virus was found in rabbits in Ohio. Another case was detected in 2018 in Washington state. As of 2020, the virus, which is often fatal before any signs appear, has spread throughout the southwestern United States and Mexico.

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