Rabbit Ratings #323: Constantine XI (5 * Rider) |  Wiki Order Big Pot

Rabbit Ratings #323: Constantine XI (5 * Rider) | Wiki Order Big Pot

In general, there are two main ways to use Constantine: as a DPS support and as a backup. Let’s look at DPS companies first:

DPS Constantine wants to take advantage of Buster Crits for damage while keeping the team safe. Without a harmful NP or particularly impressive stimulants, his teams would move slowly. The natural inclination here is to look at Kastoria—specifically, at Himiko/Kastoria or Rins/Kastoria—shells for a buster booth. It’s also true that this is probably the most reliable team that Constantine could run… But in this team, Constantine’s defensive gear provides literally zero value. Solemn Defense completely avoids the need for defense, and at this point you can also bring in someone who can actually hit things like your DPS.

So let’s say we don’t use Castoria. Maybe we just want some variety, or maybe we’re not allowed to bring it in for some reason. We probably don’t have any Castoria, Reines, and Himiko natively and don’t want to risk running the Castoria booth without overcharging. In this case, we’re looking at the servant who is perhaps Constantine’s best true partner: Merlin.

The pair of Constantine and Merlin nicely, Constantine wants a constant supply of counters to feed his NP, and Merlin can provide that. Merlin also covers major turns where Constantine’s NP isn’t ready, and Merlin brings healing to compensate for chip damage. On top of that, Constantine will be very explosive, prioritizing arts cards until the turn where he can safely explode, then using NPBB or BAB to deal decent damage. Hero Creation is perfect for these turns, and it makes up for Konstantin who has no great stimulants. The classic Merlin/Constantine/Merlin setup will generally be stable, and while it’s likely to be slower than a similar QSH team, it’s not painfully slow as some of the other Constantine setups. If multipliers aren’t allowed, you can also swap Merlin for Reines without losing much, especially with Reines’ NP increased recently in play.

Constantine’s support is perhaps weaker, but at least it is more interesting. Each piece from the Constantine Collection is supportive in some capacity. Skill 1 protects the team, skill 2 increases damage, skill 3 provides a combination of benefits, NP goes without saying. Party protection being able to nullify an NP is fairly rare, so pairing that with some other benefits should be nice, right?

Well, it’s not that simple, and the reasons why it mostly boils down to exclusivity and numbers.

As for the first point: There’s really nothing Konstantin does better defensively than stalling at Kastoria, and from a reliability perspective, his NP is a sideways – if not a dip – from Jean’s rank. There are cases where the enemy is penetrating rather than penetrating defense, but as long as the formal defense is impenetrable, NP in Constantine will always be significantly less reliable than Round of Avalon. It would be somewhat forgiving if Constantine did something else unique to make up for it…but he didn’t. Jane offers a benefit that Constantine does not, in the form of healing purification, healing, etc., while Kastoria brings damage buffs and NP fees. There are clear cases when Jeanne or Castoria will work and Constantine will not, while the opposite is much more difficult.

On the second point: to be a useful support, you usually need good NP charging tools and good damage buffs. Constantine takes weak damage, and there are no tools to charge NP except for the Death Smasher Power. You can offset this with a unique tool (see Sherlock for an example), but, as we’ve already established, Constantine doesn’t have that.

So without good damage buffs, good singular benefit, or good NP charging abilities, what do we do with Constantine’s support?

Regardless of his other failures, Constantine is a rare servant who can protect the team from NPs. Its most important value will be for players who have no other options or who do not want to play it for any reason. In these cases, we want to pair Constantine with a DPS that is as self-sufficient as possible and with a support that can tolerate slower gameplay. Again, this refers to Merlin, for healing and NP charges, although Jinako is also a good choice for her star generation and tanks.

The more DPS can facilitate damage and charge NP on its own, the better off. Quirinus is a particularly good choice here, as he makes use of Constantine’s full buff and can also extend the damage he deals quite well through drills. Untouchable servants with general power such as Arjuna Alter, both good Nobus, will also work. Beyond that, look for servants with strong group damage who are comfortable playing a little slower and taking huge blast turns periodically rather than killing everything as quickly as possible.

DPS Constantine needs as much firepower as possible. I would suggest giving it the best card damage available for CE. Golden Sumo is a good option if you have it at level 100. Standard staples like Limited/Zero Over and Victor of the Moon are also good. Constantine’s support, meanwhile, would probably want either NP CE (for immediate access to his NP in an emergency) or 2030 (for an extra star). His rightful place splits the difference and isn’t a bad choice. It’s also worth considering CEs that provide the benefits of long-term NP gains, such as Divine Banquet and Prisma Cosmos.

Constantine wants more damage to the card. Give him your best damage-boosting testimonials and he’ll be a happy emperor. Simply.

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