Rabbit Ratings #324: Charlemagne (5 * Saber) |  Fate of the grand system wiki

Rabbit Ratings #324: Charlemagne (5 * Saber) | Fate of the grand system wiki

So, Charlie’s tools are so similar to those of Majin Saber that everything I wrote about them applies again here. In fact, Majin Saber’s review is So Applicable here, I’m actually going to copy most of the usage tips section here and replace her name (and some details) with Charlie’s. It’s a fine detail, and every bit of it applies here too. If you’ve read it and don’t want to re-read it in this context, feel free to skip down toward the bottom of the section; I’ll mark the start and end of the copied bits.

Charlie is a totally classic fast farmer. Pays off 50% against three enemies with a Skadi weakness, no questions asked. His special battery allows him to access his first NP with the help of the Kaleid or The Imaginary Element, so he doesn’t need third support or mystical specific code to generate 3/3/3 standard nodes unplugged, making it a bit more flexible than Dantes (which needs to One from Level 10 Mana Loading, the Mystical Symbol of the Clock Tower, or the MLB Kaleid to do the same). Furthermore, the Mana Loading battery as well as Charlie’s battery provides 50% charge for Charlie right out of the gate, allowing him to use more powerful CEs like Tenkihime, Holy Night Supper or Traces of Christmas to pay extra damage,

With the plug on, Charlie’s loop conditions get easier. With a load of Mana and any Charger at 50% (or Oberon’s first skill instead of loading Mana), Charlie can tie standard three-ring nodes with any CE. Loading Mana (or Oberon) plus Charlie’s battery takes Charlie to 50%. One SCADY takes it to 100%. He hit back 50% on waves 1 and 2, Scaddy and the other Charger pulled him at 100%. This allows Charlie to either play the Black Grail for more damage, or bring a lower CE and still benefit from the additional damage the third boost brings. Oberon is really a top pick for a third boost here, as Charlie doesn’t have the innate NP Damage Up, which means his buffs are maximally effective, and bringing in an extra 20% battery either saves you lore or lets Charlie loop more complex enemy combos . Charlie will reliably reach a 30% recovery limit against two enemies, so with Mana loaded, Oberon’s 20% charge can be used on a 2 wave to cover the lost NP gauge. Being able to hold 6 nodes 2/3/x or 3/2/x isn’t particularly exciting these days, as 90+ nodes are more restrictive than that, but nodes of this type do exist, so it’s worth noting that Charlie can Handle it easily.

In CQ contexts, Charlie’s game plan is basically the same as when farming. He’s dealt massive damage and pals loops with the cards in play, so you give him Skadis and a third boost of your choice – perhaps Oberon for damage or Kastoria for safety – and free him in whatever you fight. He has the usual quick flaws of not being great in long fights, but for short to medium fights he should do a great job.

It is also worth noting that fast stalling is also possible with the Skadi / Castoria projectile. If you can line up the Skadi->Charlie->Castoria NP chain, it will leave you with one hit of dribbling and three of serious defense, which is usually enough to keep your team safe. The best damage dealers in this setup provide healing and party NP cost to stabilize things (Sei Shonagon is great for this, for example), but Charlie’s impressive NP gains and target damage mean he’ll also be able to put his weight up pretty well. A point server for this type of team. For long-range CQs, Buster’s and Arts’ setups will be more reliable of course, but it’s nothing more than a well-built fast team to do that as well, and Charlie’s strong overall set-up means he can get into pretty much any standard quick setup.

There are two notable differences between the way Okita and Charlie work that I’d like to mention here. First, Charlie is somewhat less self-sufficient. His weak cards make it difficult for him to do well on lower-level quick teams, and the loss of Majin Saber’s defensive tackle means that Charlie may need support like Sherlock to work around various tricks. The other notable point relates to Charlie’s damage reduction ploy.

In order to increase Charlie’s NP damage in CQs, Charlie needs to be hit frequently. There are two ways to do this – anyone with a target taunt can help – but the best option is to use a Crane. Crane’s self battery applies sarcasm in three roles to other team members. If you have a Crane use this on the first turn and then plug in your other support, you’ll be left with a 3 inning taunt on Charlie alone, ensuring all enemies attacks will give Brave King stacks, and making sure his damage metrics are as equally as possible.

This, however, leaves Charlie quite vulnerable. For your fourth support – the one who comes after the Crane swap – it’s a good idea to bring in Reines or Castoria, so you have a target target ready to go to prevent Charlie from dying while stacking the Brave King. Something like Crane / Charlie / Skadi / Reines / Skadi will increase Charlie’s damage, and while the first turn damage will be low, the third turn damage will be really impressive, even in neutral.

Choosing a CE largely depends on what you do. For implants, you want NP cost starting at CE if you’re working without plug or 90+ implants, or event CE or Black Grail if you’re using a plug. For CQs, Black Grail is always great for maximizing damage, although Christmas effects are good for ring stability as well, if damage isn’t an issue. It’s also worth noting GudaGuda Poster Girl for the little tricks, as it gives Charlie a 3 inning taunt for free (making it easy to use the Brave King) and increases damage by nearly a Black Grail in the first 3 turns.

Self-defense is the biggest gap in Charlie’s kit, so credit cards that offer self-healing or cut damage are a good option, especially if you plan on trying to take advantage of Brave King’s stacks. You can also give Charlie CCs that offset his weak card-based NP gains, although there is limited value for this when his NP recovery is still good.

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