Rabbits in urgent need of a shelter dedicated to the care of rabbits and guinea pigs |  Four-legged friends and more

Rabbits in urgent need of a shelter dedicated to the care of rabbits and guinea pigs | Four-legged friends and more

The guide for Noozhawk’s four-legged friends and more is officially here! We’ve discovered local businesses that best cater to the needs, health, comfort, training, exercise, and general wellbeing of our fur owners!

For a closer look at pet organizations in Santa Barbara County, Noozhawk conducted a series of interviews with local business representatives this year for a Four-Legged Friends and More Guide that’s sure to wag your tail.

In this interview, Nozuk spoke with Jan Silva, Head of Volunteers at Rabbits urgently need shelter (BUNS)Find out more about the services offered by this non-profit organization!

Rabbits urgently need shelter (BUNS)

A question: What is the name of your business or practice?

Answer: BUNS (rabbits urgently need shelter).

s: What is the mission behind your work?

a: To find new homes for rabbits and guinea pigs on the south coast of Santa Barbara County. To support families of rabbits and guinea pigs with education, food and other aid.

s: What types of animals does your business cater to?

a: Rabbits and guinea pigs.

s: Can you describe the services or products your business offers?

a: BUNS finds new homes for rabbits and guinea pigs. We provide information and referral for rabbits and guinea pigs 24 hours a day. We have hay for sale on the front porch of the shelter. We provide assistance with the care of both rabbits and guinea pigs. We can help with behavior problems. We hold Hoppy Hours and Pignics for fun and entertainment.

s: How long have you been working in this industry?

a: BUNS was founded in 1992.

s: What makes your business or practice unique?

a: BUNS is the only rabbit or guinea pig rescue in Santa Barbara County. We are run only by volunteers who dedicate their time for the love of animals.

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One of the most amazing guinea pigs is waiting for you! (Rabbits urgently need a BUNS picture)

s: What training, education and experience do you and your employees have? Do you have any professional certifications?

a: All of our main volunteers have years of experience looking after rabbits and guinea pigs. Volunteers attend House Rabbit Society Educators conferences to learn about the latest in rabbit care and medicine. Some volunteers are click coaches. The other volunteers are Vet Techs. One of the volunteers holds a certificate in Applied Animal Behavior.

s: What is your level of experience with pet health and behavior?

a: Some volunteers are click coaches. The other volunteers are Vet Techs. One of the volunteers holds a certificate in Applied Animal Behavior.

s: How do you manage behavioral problems?

a: First, it is behavior induced by a physical condition. Second, we can change the environment or routines to get the desired behavior. Then we can train the desired behavior or alternatively train the unwanted behavior.

s: Does it work with all breeds/age groups?

a: yes. All breeds and ages of rabbits and guinea pigs.

s: What training method do you use? (For example, positive reinforcement, electronic training, clicker training, training equipment, etc.)

a: We use positive reinforcement.

s: What do you do if a pet is aggressive towards you, your employees, or other animals?

a: Aggression happens for a reason. We identify the cause of the aggression and remove or try to reduce the strength of the response.

s: What advice would you give a new pet owner?

a: Every pet is unique. Learn how to make them feel comfortable and happy. Then they will bring you joy.

s: Are you currently accepting new clients?

a: Visitors are welcome MF from 2 to 4 and Sat from noon to 4.

s: Can you name some common reasons why animals end up in your shelter?

a: The family cannot keep the pet in a new rental. Little did the family know that they had a male and a female rabbit, and they had unexpected litter. They find a rabbit or a guinea pig.

s: Do you return animals that can no longer live with their owners?

a: yes.

s: What kinds of challenges have you faced in the pet grooming industry?

a: The pet care industry and the rescue community focus almost exclusively on dogs and cats. BUNS advocates for services needed for rabbits and guinea pigs.

s: How do you help make your customer feel comfortable leaving their pet in your care?

a: We understand and accept that circumstances can separate pets from their families through no fault of their own.

s: Can you describe the process of adopting an animal at your shelter?

a: We ask the family to visit the shelter to meet and learn about the animals. We will ask about family, accommodation, and pet experience and provide information as needed. There is a one-page application. The adoption fee is $40 for a rabbit and $12.00 for a guinea pig.

Rabbits and pigs love Hoppy Hours and Pignics
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Rabbits and pigs love Hoppy Hours and Pignics (Bunnies urgently need a shelter picture (BUNS))

s: Are you a non-profit? Do you accept donations?

a: We are a non-profit organization and are happy to accept donations.

s: How do you keep the public informed about your business or service(s)?

a: BUNS has a file websiteAnd the Facebook page And the Instagram.

s: What is the typical cost of your service(s) or product(s)? Do you offer any payment plans or discounts?

a: Rabbit adoption: $40; Guinea pig adoptions: $12. Toenail Trimmer $5.00; Straw with crust $5.00.

s: What are your operating hours?

a: MF 2-4 Saturday noon to 4. Telephone service 7 days a week.

s: What is one fun fact about your job?

a: Visitors can feed rabbits and pigs.

s: Is there anything you would like to tell our readers not mentioned above?

a: Join us for Hoppy Hour and Pignics.

Click here to find out more About rabbits in urgent need of shelter (BUNS).

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