Ranked as one of the most pet-friendly airlines in the world

Ranked as one of the most pet-friendly airlines in the world

Pet owners in Dubai can take advantage of some of the easiest flight rules in the world to transport their beloved pets, according to new research.

Researchers at Airportparkingreservations.com Emirates is ranked as the sixth most pet-friendly airline in the world. The study looked at many factors including the cost of animal transportation, the number of pets allowed per customer and the number of species the airline allows.

with UAEAnd the pet tickets Ranging from $500 to $800, the airline allows a maximum of three pets per customer. The airline allows three types of animals to be carried in the cargo – dogs, cats and birds including hawks. Among the airlines on the list, Emirates allows its customers to transport the largest containers of animals – up to three meters – via its freight service.

According to the data, the most pet-friendly airline in the world is Turkish Airlines, the cost of traveling with a pet ranges from $8 to $24. The airline allows four types of animals on board and three animals per customer – maximum cages are 93 cm.

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Japan Airlines is ranked second, with prices ranging from $50 to $400, and a total of nine species of animals are allowed, including dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, hamsters and ferrets.

Low-cost US company Spirit came in third with a flat cost of $125 to travel with a pet. The Florida-based carrier allows dogs, cats, birds, and rabbits—limited to two people per passenger.

China Airlines Sichuan ranked fourth on the list, followed by Japan Airlines.

Five questions to consider before traveling with a pet

Pawsome Pets UAE Previously share these tips with the National Highlighting some of the most important things to note before flying.

1. Where does my pet travel on the plane?

There are different types of travel available for pets:

  • clear payload
  • Excess baggage on hold
  • Excess baggage in the cabin

Every option is safe. The viability of each option depends on the size and breed of your pet, the airline they are flying on and the country they are flying to.

2. What is the difference between my pet traveling as manifest or as excess baggage?

If you’re traveling as clear cargo, your pet will go at the front of the plane and can travel with or without you being on the same plane. The cost of your pet’s travel depends on the volumetric weight, that is, the size of the travel box.

If you are traveling as excess baggage, your pet will be in the back of the plane and must be on a human passenger ticket. The cost of your pet’s travel is based on the actual (combined) weight of your pet in its crate.

3. What happens when my pet arrives in the country they are traveling to?

Once the flight arrives, your pet will be transferred from the plane directly to the terminal building.

If your pet is traveling as excess baggage, it will be moved to the large baggage area in the arrival hall. Once you clear passport control, you will be able to pick it up at the same time as your regular baggage. Upon exiting the airport through the Customs ‘What to Declare’ channel, you will be asked to present your pet’s travel papers to the Customs Officer and/or the vet on duty.

If your pet is traveling as clear cargo, it will be taken to an animal reception center. There, the documents will be reviewed by the staff at the same time, the relevant customs procedures will be completed by the staff at the next airport.

4. How long do travel papers and other travel preparations take?

This totally depends on the location your pet is traveling to. Your pet carrier will provide you with an accurate timetable of how long the relevant preparations will take and at what stage of the process the various steps must be taken.

In some cases, they can prepare your pet for “travel” in a few days. In other cases, it can be up to six months or more.

5. What vaccinations does my pet need to travel?

No matter where your pet travels to, he will need certain vaccinations. The required vaccinations depend entirely on where you are going to travel. The only mandatory vaccination for every country your pet may travel to is a rabies vaccination.

Other vaccinations may also be necessary. You will be notified of these related things. In each case, it is essential to keep vaccinations up to date and not miss a due date, even by a day. Doing so could seriously hamper your pet’s travel plans.

Updated: Oct 26, 2022, 10:22 AM

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