Rick Rubin may have burned down Donald Judd's former home, a conceptual art thief hits Miami, and more juicy Artworld rumors

Rick Rubin may have burned down Donald Judd’s former home, a conceptual art thief hits Miami, and more juicy Artworld rumors

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The godfather of the minimal debt house that was destroyed by LOUDNESS KING

It really emphasizes that sometimes, truth is stranger than fiction. A few months ago, news broke that the house in Harbor, Texas Which used to belong to the simple sculptor Al-Minawi Donald Judd It was destroyed in the fire, turning into a pile of rubble (no one was hurt). According to property records, Judd, who is known for making the small town of West Texas an art destination, purchased the home in 1990. According to wet paintIn the town, the owner when it was set on fire was nothing but … Rick Robin.

Yes, one of the founders Def Jam Records He appears to be the most prolific producer in American music history, Rick Rubin. This is Rick Robin.

Just let’s sink in.

local town newspaper, Big Bend goalkeeperAnd the mentioned At the time a family of three was home when the fire broke out, but no names were given (Robin is married to an actress/model) Muriel Hurtado HerreraThe couple gave birth to their first child in 2017. A local mayor was at the scene, Danny DominguezOn the second floor of the house, he told the newspaper he found a man struggling to breathe: He said: I’m fine. I said: No, you are not.

According to a source based in the harbor, the house is now completely destroyed, and Robin plans to rebuild on the plot. The Good Foundation He declined to comment, and Robin could not be reached directly at the time of publication.

grand theft art

In the previous wet paintThe joke I hear, every time I hear of art theft, catches my eye. That’s right, the Thomas Crown The narrative will always be tempting to me. However, it definitely brings me number Satisfaction when a piece of art is stolen before it can be cherished, consumed, or otherwise tested. Unfortunately, this happened last week in Miami For the conceptual artist Gillian Mayer.

It’s funny because it goes beyond storage theft, artwork theft, and grand theft auto,” she told me over the phone, before explaining that it’s not really the case. ha ha Funny, but more ironic. Meyer has worked for the past four years on a piece entitled low resolutionwhich was a kind of gesamtkunstwerk Created in a refurbished trailer. “When you open the trailer, you’re thrown into this immersive, abstract little house that takes cues from the survival and preparedness culture I’ve been looking for,” she said.

Mayer funded the piece through local grants, and estimates that at least $20,000 of materials were put into it. After its debut, the piece was to serve as a sort of mini-residence program. It was taken from where it was parked Islamoradawhich is next to largo key And about an hour and a half outside of Miami.

The interior of Gillian Meyer low resolution.

“The police believe this was professional theft,” she explained. There was an hitch lock on the trailer, which the criminals somehow turned around, and then stole a license plate from a nearby car so as not to attract attention when they left.

Many technical cars are easily recognizable (I don’t think you would go very far in stolen Kenny Scharf-cell phone), but unfortunately Meyer kept the truck’s exterior nondescript, leaving the sculptural element to the trailer’s interior, where she installed an oven, custom ceramic hardware, a solar panel system, and brightly colored walls.

In the current situation, the artist offers a reward for finding the piece during which she was scheduled to unveil Art Basel Miami Beach in December. Meyer predicted, “I hope he comes back. I wonder if they stole it knowing what was inside, or if it was just a very strange surprise.”


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