Sandusky County dog ​​guard Kelly Pocock poses with Mabel, a Labrador retriever.  Mabel and many other dogs at the Sheriff's Dog facility need forever homes.

Shelters remain full with animal homelessness on the rise

Area animal shelter staff continue to care for homeless dogs and cats, but their facilities remain overcrowded, according to officials.

Sandusky County Canine Affairs Administrator Kelly Pocock said that many factors are driving up animal homelessness, but no single cause can be stated specifically.

“I think everyone is trying to figure that out now,” Pococke said. “It could be many things. We know things are going to get worse.”

Pocock noted that the US Supreme Court’s August 25 ruling reversing an eviction moratorium imposed during the COVID-19 pandemic does not appear to have caused a surge in the numbers of pets that can no longer be cared for or the effect of people returning to them. Working after adopting pets during a pandemic and not having time to care for them.

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