Sioux City Council stops voting on law restricting pets like snakes in the home |  government and politics

Sioux City Council stops voting on law restricting pets like snakes in the home | government and politics

Sioux City Council has postponed a vote Monday on the first reading of a law that would treat other pets like dogs and cats.

Councilwoman Julie Schoenhair said she would like to have a discussion about how many animals are allowed. This item is expected to return to the Council’s agenda on 3 October.

In response to the removal of more than 50 snakes from a Sioux City home in July, city employees are proposing new home limits for such pets.

The city currently allows no more than three dogs or cats, with a limit of no more than two of the same species. For example, residents can own two dogs and one cat or two cats and one dog.

The proposed law would expand the definition of “pets” to include any species “bred, bred, and accustomed to living in or around human habitation.” The list of pets will include, but are not limited to, dogs, cats, snakes, lizards, ferrets, rabbits, ferrets and birds, according to the decree.

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Hamsters, guinea pigs and fish will be excluded from the family boundaries. The law also excludes K-9 dogs and other animals owned by the police department, animals in the zoo, and livestock on the farm.

Resident Randy Giles told the board that animal restraint does not prevent hoarding and neglect.

“There is no magic number of pets that guarantees quality care,” she said. “It can also burden law enforcement and animal control.” “There are a lot of people who can take care of five birds. So, they are inevitably punished.”

Resident Mark Solheim asked the council if a person with three or four parrots in their home would be renovated in the house or would have to obtain an additional animal permit.

“That’s another topic we’ll be looking at – birds,” Schoenhair said.

This ordinance came after the city removed 58 pythons from a country house at 4624 Harrison Street on July 11. Animal control officers removed it after one of the 50 snakes escaped from a barn in the Parker Moss home and the owner of the house next door. I found it in her garage and called the police.

Ball pythons are among the species classified under the city code as dangerous animals, and are not allowed within the city limits.

On July 26, authorities returned 50 ball pythons to moose, who had found a temporary home for them at a country residence near Lawton, Iowa. He previously told the newspaper that he still had three king snakes and about a dozen corn snakes in his home. Such non-venomous snakes are allowed by city code. The decree, if approved by the council, would likely force the Moos to find new homes for the many remaining snakes.

During Monday’s meeting, Moss read a statement from the American Association of Reptile Keepers, opposing a proposed amendment to a city ordinance that would redefine the term “pets.”

“If the city is unaware, there is legal precedent in which the court has ruled that legislation that seeks to control animal ownership on the basis of numbers only is invalid,” Moss said.

Moss said he moved his snakes to one room. He said the doors and vents were “blocked” and that they had no way out. He said his ferrets were moved to an outdoor shed.

“We had no problems with escaping except for this situation that happened. I feel my neighbours. This was a bad situation. I apologized to them,” he said.

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