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St. Joseph County Fair Wow

CENTERVILLE – It’s been a stressful but exhilarating week for 10-year-old Zayden Prichard, a first-year showman at the St. Joseph County Grange Show.

A Centerville-area resident said it didn’t take long to realize the difference between attending the fair to help older siblings show the animals and supervising his animals at the annual fair.

Pritchard, a member of the Happy Herdsman 4-H Club, said he spent long, dusty days caring for his dairy cow, four rabbits and two chickens.

“Well, there always seems to be something to do,” he said, “a lot of work to keep the animals fed and watered, but being on the show all week was so worth it.” “I’m already looking forward to next year.”

Ten-year-old Zayden Pritchard enjoyed talking about the rabbits and other animals he entered at the 2022 St. Joseph County Grange Fair.

Echoing the sentiments of thousands of former 4-H members before him, Pritchard got his first taste of what it’s like to care and show animals while spending the week at St. Joseph County’s biggest event of the year.

Spending the week on site is an excused absence from school and given Pritchard a hands-on opportunity to witness the fruits of his animal husbandry work. The 4-H auction was on Thursday and means Prichard will have a new round of animals to care for next year.

While animals have been a focus for Pritchard all week, other people come to the fair for a more pedestrian purpose: food.

Meet Schoolcraft District resident George Collins III. The 24-year-old college student said he annually attends fairs in most parts of southwest Michigan and even a few in neighboring counties in Indiana.

Live music, prepared by The Whistle Pigs Band, is played on the free stage on Monday, September 19, 2022, at the St.  Joseph County Grange Fair in Centerville.

He said St. Joseph County and Allegan County proved to be the most interesting fairs. He said the lands on both properties set the county fair apart from all the others.

“I’ve been to this gallery three or four times a week for the past 10 years,” he said. “The best part? The food for sure. I also love jar pulling… It’s the most red-necked sport on Earth.”

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