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Stephen Mulhern tells Chris Evans about his children’s book, Max Magic:

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October 19, 2022, 10:39

Presenter and magician Stephen Mulhern joined Chris Evans’ breakfast with Sky to talk about his first children’s book, Max Magic.

The book, now released, follows Max Mullers, a boy who loves to do magic tricks, but can’t get Bottley the Bully off his back. A confrontation with Botley at his parents’ market stall causes Max to get into even bigger trouble, and the notorious gangsters go after him, the Lobster Twins. Stephen told Chris that the story was inspired by his childhood. “She depends on me,” he said, “and I’m older.”

“The way it was done was I was talking to my dad, and we were always talking about writing a book, but I didn’t have much to write about. Well, write about growing up,” he said.

The famous TV presenter continued: “My parents are merchants in the market, and there are a lot of different things that people do not know in terms of, my father used to sell beloved toys, but my mother would make the beloved toys at home, so me, my brothers and my sister, we would put toys, and my mother would sew toys And my father will go to sell toys.”

Stephen added, “I just wrote all about my brothers, sister, mom and dad.”

The book is intended for boys and girls aged 7-11. It is printed in a dyslexic-friendly format and font, which features wide margins and large spaces around the words. Contains illustrations by artist Begoña Fernández Corbalan. At the back of the book are some of Stephen’s favorite magic tricks. “Some people in the magic circle don’t agree with this,” said the wizard, “but I believe that if you don’t show your children how to do certain things, to start their lives, we won’t have another generation of wizards.”

“So it’s like a magic book, but it’s also a magic set.”

During his conversation with Chris, Stephen talks about his meeting with one of the all-time greats of magic, Paul Daniels. “I had the privilege of going into his house once, and it was the weirdest thing, because he literally had bunnies running all over his house,” he said.

“I was like, ‘Why do you have so many rabbits?'” “

Explaining why he visited the great wizard’s house, Stephen said, “Paul did a wonderful chore called the electric chair routine…in the magical world it was synonymous with this routine, but I did it on my stage show, and I did it a different way than Paul did. He did a chore.” Smarter than me, but … the result was still the same.

“You had two people on stage… and while you were talking to the person on your left, the person on your right was jumping as if they had been given an electric shock… and it was just a really good comedic routine.

“So, I did it, and then I heard in the grapevine that Paul wasn’t happy that I did it, and I got scared. I hate confrontation, I hate arguing. And also it was Paul Daniels. He was the master.”

Stephen continued, “I went out of my way to apologize and said, ‘Look, I’ll never do that again,'” and he said, ‘Oh, come on, and it’s all settled. ”

He added, “Regretting for making a mistake is really dealing with situations.”

Speaking about the effect of magic on him as a young child, the author of Max Magic told Chris, “Magic only helped me in school, only getting friends, because I was really a very shy kid.”

Max Magic is out now.

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