WWE Extreme Rules 2022 could be an must-see show!

The 35-year-old star has been revealed as the White Rabbit, the 10-time world champion attacking the big star

We’re just days away from the extreme rules of WWE 2022. Unlike previous years, this year’s show actually looks “extreme” with every match having a clause attached to it.

The match ticket is almost done, and now it’s up to Triple H and the company to put together an exciting show for fans. The one thing many expect from this Premium Live event is at least one major payout. With Crown Jewel around the corner, this possibility couldn’t be ruled out.

Let’s take a look at four major returns that could happen in WWE Extreme Rules 2022. Be sure to comment and let us know your thoughts and reactions on the same.

#4. Charlotte Flair can appear in strict rules

The Queen has been on hiatus since losing the SmackDown Women’s Championship earlier this year. Although there is no specific timeline for her return, WWE would like to see one of its biggest stars return soon. Could this happen this weekend in strict rules?

Liv Morgan is ready to defend the SmackDown Women’s Championship against Ronda Rousey in a Hard Rules match. Rossi is currently the favorite to win this match and the title. However, this may not be well received by fans.

One way to avoid address exchanges and keep protesting a Russian could be outside interference and Charlotte Flair could be the perfect way to do that, given their recent history.

#3. Becky Lynch can come back and deal damage CTRL

The other main star of the women’s division who is not currently working is Becky Lynch. The Man last competed at SummerSlam earlier this year, dropping the RAW Women’s Championship to Bianca Belair and making her face. However, she sustained an injury during the match and has since been out of the field to recover.

WWE Extreme Rules 2022 will see Bianca Belair defend her title against Bayley. There is a high chance that Damage CTRL will be involved in this match and Becky Lynch may appear to help Bianca Belair retain her title, which leads to the start of a feud against Bayley and Damage CTRL.

This could be the match that goes into the Women’s War Games match later this year at WWE Survivor Series 2022.

#2. Brock Lesnar could return in WWE Extreme Rules 2022 and attack a big star

Imagine we got Brock Lesnar vs Daniel Cormier at Crown Jewel. That would be wild https://t.co/iFs0zDSlZg

The promo is scheduled to travel to Saudi Arabia next month for this year’s edition of Crown Jewel. Roman Reigns vs. Logan Paul for the WWE Universal Championship has already been announced and fans can expect more major matches to be officially played soon.

It is highly rumored that Brock Lesnar will return for a match at Crown Jewel. The Beast Incarnate has been away from WWE TV since SummerSlam and the company will want him back for the big Saudi show.

It was recently announced that former UFC Champion Daniel Cormier will appear at WWE Extreme Rules 2022 as a special guest referee in the Fight Pit match between Seth Rollins and Matt Riddle.

We’ll likely see Brock Lesnar return after this match and take out Daniel Cormier, setting up a big money match between the two at WWE Crown Jewel 2022.

Cormier and Lesnar previously faced off at the end of UFC 226 in 2018 and it makes sense for Lesnar to appear at Extreme Rules and tell Cormier that WWE is his kingdom.

#1. Bray Wyatt could finally be revealed behind the ‘White Rabbit’ at WWE Extreme Rules 2022

The “White Rabbit” phenomenon has taken the WWE Universe by storm. The company has traditionally used vignettes and promotions to tease returns, but its current strategy of using Easter eggs, social media, and home pitch excitement has been incredibly fun for the masses. They can’t wait to find out who is behind all these “white rabbits” troublemakers.

The biggest speculation is former world champion Bray Wyatt, who was released last year. Multiple signs point towards him being behind the harassment.

The question now is when it will finally be revealed. WWE Extreme Rules 2022 might be the perfect setting for this reveal and the return of Bray Wyatt would spoil the roof.

If Bray Wyatt returns to WWE Extreme Rules 2022, what character would you like to see in him? Eater worlds, villain, or something completely new?

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