The Bad Bunny crew visited La Perla before their Auckland show

The Bad Bunny crew visited La Perla before their Auckland show

On Tuesday, a day before Puerto Rican international player Bad Bunny was sold out The most important tour in the world Showing at the Ring Central Oakland Coliseum, the buzz on social media was about the star’s Monday night visit to Puerto Rican Sol Food in San Rafael, with… An entourage of 80 people.

The restaurant’s Instagram account Share a selfie which Bad Bunny took with some staff in the kitchen, and the post quickly went viral, racking up over 5,000 likes and a steady stream of comments. Some wondered if he would stop at a restaurant in Auckland.

While people on social media were posting Sol Food on Instagram, Jose Ortiz, owner of a Puerto Rican restaurant La Perla In the Dimond area, he was also getting messages from customers asking why Bad Bunny didn’t stop at the restaurant.

Then, on Tuesday afternoon, he got a call asking to reserve tables for 14 to 16 people. “The group was celebrating her birthday, and they brought a big cake that I put away for them. They were a beautiful group.”

It turns out that it’s the Bad Bunny dancers who travel with the artist during his world tour. At first, Ortiz had no idea. But it didn’t take long for his family members who work in the restaurant to put two and two together. Ortiz said a large group of Puerto Ricans don’t visit the restaurant every day.

Bad Bunny Dancers with La Perla owner Jose Ortiz. attributed to him: Jose Ortiz

Ortiz recently reopened the indoor service at La Perla, which for months had only been offering takeout and use of its outdoor park due to the pandemic. He said that Bad Bunny dancers prefer to eat outdoors.

After they were done, Ortiz invited them inside to see the space, where the walls were decorated with pictures and messages from other Puerto Rican celebrities for whom Ortiz had cooked. As a result of the visit, he will have another relative to view.

Wednesday morning, the restaurant’s Instagram account Share a photo and video Ortiz with the group. “When they left, they were very happy,” Ortiz said.

Ortiz said he would have loved Bad Bunny himself to stop by the restaurant but understands how the star’s busy schedule might not allow it.

However, the dancers’ visit to the restaurant gave him a definite boost. “On Wednesday, the restaurant was full all day long with people stopping by to eat before the show,” he said. “Visiting them really gave us a huge boost.”

Ortiz and his family were grateful for the artist’s crew service, and like many Bay Area fans, they then headed to the Colosseum on Wednesday night for the show.

Biggest crowd listed in years

The stadium has not seen such a crowd since the fifth game of the 2013 MLS series when it was The Oakland Athletics lost to the Detroit Tigers 3-0. The only empty seats in the Coliseum on the Wednesday night show that sold out were those in Mount Davis, the 20,000-seat upstairs area built in 1995 at the invitation of former Raiders owner Al Davis, which was located Behind the main platform.

Before the parade, huge lines flowed into the Colosseum from all directions. The scene inside was packed with concert-goers of all ages, many of whom were likely to visit the Colosseum for the first time. The food and drink lines were a frenzy, with fans hastily buying items before trying to decide on their seats.

By 9:30 p.m., Bad Bunny took to stage and delighted his loyal fan base with over two hours of music. he gave 36 songsincluding many from his latest album, On Verano Sin T, and a variety of songs from his old discography, among others. Fireworks, lasers, and flames that shot up from the stage punctuated the performance throughout the show. Fans who took BART to the show and stayed stuck until the end of the show missed out on the last train.

A view of the show that has run out completely from the second deck. attributed to him: Azucina Rasella

Having one of the world’s greatest artists playing in the Colosseum was important to the city. Bad Bunny’s latest album spent 10 weeks in Number one on the Billboard 200was The world’s most streamed artist on Spotify For two consecutive years. His performance comes amid a flurry of other high-profile performances at the Arena-Coliseum. In September, Kendrick Lamar played consecutive offers in Auckland Arena. On September 30, Auckland-born singer Kahlani will be taking the stage as well. who – which The exhibition is expected to sell.

For Ortiz, the fact that Bad Bunny chose Oakland to perform in the Bay Area is a point of pride, and he is happy that the artist is raising the profile of Puerto Rico and its people. He is also grateful that Bad Bunny is using his platform to give greater visibility to local businesses.

“Other artists don’t do it, and they don’t realize how much it affects local business,” Ortiz said. “It is a pleasure to take the time to visit him. It is not time for me this time, but I know he will be back in Auckland soon.”

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