The best Halloween events in Scotland from witches to dinosaurs

The best Halloween events in Scotland from witches to dinosaurs

Scotland has a particularly bloody history and is a breeding ground for ghost hunters, paranormal investigators, and people who love Halloween.

All over the country at this time of year there are unusual events, festivals and activities.

Some reflect the ancient and Celtic history of Scotland, and celebrate Samwin – or ‘end of summer’. Burns’ tales, particularly Tam or Shanter, feature prominently, while others are inspired by modern Halloween lore and movie monsters.

So get your fashion, put on your makeup and prepare to be scared.

Samhoen Fire Festival

Held on Calton Hill in Edinburgh every year (Monday October 31, 7pm – 10pm), this festival is a modern interpretation of the ancient Celtic festival marking the end of summer and the arrival of winter. Through fire, music and dance, performers tell the story of the confrontation between summer and winter and create one of Scotland’s most exciting Halloween festivals. Tickets must be pre-booked through


Herald Scotland: Tamfest in Ayrtempest in er (Photo: Ayr Advertiser)

Taking place in the land of Burns and Tam o’ Shanter, Ayrshire’s Halloween has grown from small beginnings in 2019 into something of a local tradition featuring online and in-person events. There are ghost hunts, sound theatre, and a host of other activities, culminating with a full-day event in downtown Ayr on Sunday, October 30th featuring artists, street entertainment, a creative district, and talent. Visit for more information

Is there a witch in Bullock House?

Pollok House in Glasgow’s south side has a horrific history of witch-hunts dating back to a notorious state in 1677. Today the staff continues to highlight the rich history of the house (good and bad) and this weekend you can follow the clues to find the witch who’s hiding there It participates in other activities. Halloween is great for the family.

Glamis ghosts

One of Scotland’s most haunted castles will host a private ghost tour this year, telling stories of ghosts and spirits enjoying eternal rest here in Forfar. An expert guide will reveal the tall tales of the Gray Lady, the Tongueless Woman, and much more. Tours run through Halloween weekend, between 5 and 10 p.m., and through Halloween on October 31. Check for tickets and availability.


Herald of Scotland: GlasgowGlasgow (Photo: Colin Mearns/Newsquest)

Dinosaurs roam the Glasgow Botanic Gardens as they are being transformed into Glasgow’s ‘times forgotten land’ for this year. Each year, Halloween takes on a new theme and in 2022 visitors go back 170 million years to the time when dinosaurs roamed and ruled Scotland. The historic Glasgow Botanic Gardens will be filled with dinosaurs, sound and light shows, food and drink and other Halloween-themed booths. The event runs until November 13 and tickets are already selling out quickly, with many dates selling out.

Ghost hunting at Crathes Castle

A green lady and a white lady are supposed to hunt down Crathes Castle, but they may find their peace in turmoil this weekend when hundreds of children descend upon the grounds and the surrounding ancient forest to hunt ghosts. Staff at the castle on Banchory run ghost hunts and other activities for young people – and adults. However, it should be noted that there are designated time slots for visitors and you must book in advance.

Walking tour of the dark side

Martyrs of St. Andrews Monument is the gathering place and starting point for a tour around Scotland’s old university town. Taking place over the weekend and on Halloween itself, the tour explores St. Andrew’s strange tales – from hares that bypass the ancient path to a mysterious poisonous sausage massacre. Reserve your spot with Walking Tours Scotland in Eventbrite.

chasing tam and meg

The Robert Burns Birthplace Museum is the perfect place to celebrate Halloween and the only place in Scotland where you can actually recreate his crazy dash past old karak and over Brig o’Doon to safety. Kids can also draw their own picture of Tam o’ Shanter and his trusty horse and add it to the museum’s temporary Halloween exhibit.

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