Emily Ryan holding her Dutch dwarf rabbit,

The Fair Queen has stolen her rabbit. Here’s how to get it back

Emily Ryan felt sorry for the drifting bunny with a funny toe.

That’s why she said she bought her Holland pet, dwarf rabbit, “Boogie,” at Easter 2020 from an animal auction in Hillsdale. Cost $12.

Ryan, a 2022 Harbor Creek High School graduate now studying nursing at Kellogg Community College, showed off Boogie during the 173rd Calhoun County Fair in Marshall, tending a rabbit and her five chickens during a busy week in which she was crowned the Fair Queen.

“He had a really rough coat when we first got it, it was very smelly and very stained and you can kind of tell he just doesn’t have good nutrition and he wasn’t taken care of,” Ryan said. “He’s so much better now and has a full coat now. He’s not up to the standards so he’s not even a really good review bunny, I just use him in appearances because he’s such a cute bunny.”

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