The local family takes care of all kinds of animals on the "little farm" |  News, sports, jobs

The local family takes care of all kinds of animals on the “little farm” | News, sports, jobs

Do you have pets? “Challenge!” The answer could be from four-year-old Claire McCoy, Reese. So far, this will include Dolly the Dog, a German Shepherd/Blue Heeler mix; Winnie, the Flemish Giant Rabbit; Opal and Otis, Nigerian dwarf goats; And nine chickens.

Reese and her parents, Paul and Jessa McCoy, live outside of Hughesville “In a country with plenty of rooms and the perfect location for a small farm,” According to Jess. They, along with Reese, are animal lovers. “I grew up with dogs” Jess said, “And Paul had dogs and cats and chickens and giant billy goats.”

This family of one pet started adding complications when Jenny the Basset Hound died. Jenny was Reese’s best friend. Soon, not sure if a new pup would be a good idea yet, Winnie the Bunny becomes part of the family. “But we knew so little,” Share Jess, “We bought a pregnant rabbit! Winnie gave birth to six babies a month after we had her.”

Paul explained how Reese took charge when the rabbits were born. “She checked the kids, cleaned their pen and made sure Winnie looked after them.” He said. Jess added that when they were old enough to break up with them “Mom” They find new homes for themselves with family friends.

Soon, Paul was talking to a co-worker who raises puppies to find adoptive homes. Reese and his family met Dolly and fell in love with her. “It was a perfect fit for our family and we were so excited to find a rescue for her and give her a wonderful home,” Jess said.

After that chickens and goats? why not? Reese shared it, “It was my mom who really wanted the goats.” No denials were heard.

Animals in good shelter. “Paul is very useful, so he built a large barn in our backyard with a chicken coop on one side and goats on the other. The barn has a drying pole as well as egg boxes for the chickens to lay their eggs in. The goats have a home to sleep and climb on, as well as hanging bowls for their food, water and minerals. Both sections have doors that open onto our fenced field. Chickens, rabbits, and goats have room to roam, play, and snack on different types of grass and bugs. The goats even have a theater and a swing!” Jess said. Dolly, of course, lives in the people’s house.

Reese hugs, hits and plays with all the animals as much as she can. She can be seen picking up and moving around except for Dolly, Opal and Otis, who are much larger than her. Dolly seems to be the best playmate, they play fetch, ride a car together, go exploring in the woods, and Dolly lies in Reese’s bed every night until she falls asleep.

“Reese has learned a lot about responsibility. She does a great job taking care of her pets on her own. She has also become an entrepreneur and now sells her chicken eggs to neighbors and friends,” her mother said.

When Reese was asked which pets take up the most work, she thought first of the goats, but then said it was the chickens, because besides feeding and watering them, she had to collect their eggs every day.

Are there more pets in McCoy’s future? Jess says Reese likes to have a foal and a cow with a fuzzy head. In her opinion, “There’s always room for more furry friends!” Paul had already admitted, “yes,” It was “animal lovers” very. And Reese said she was saving her egg money for something she really wanted…

Jess is a fifth grade English Language Arts teacher at Loyalsock, and Paul is one of the owners of the Lycoming Vault & Precast. Reese started preschool this year at Williamsport Christian School.

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