The mural is the cause of the paws

The mural is the cause of the paws

The Chula Vista Animal Care Facility is undergoing a renovation with a new mural created by Ground Floor Murals. The mural will be unveiled at the facility on October 1 from 4-9 p.m., along with a live DJ, food and drink. This is great for the facility, said CVACF Director John Keel, as it is an older building and blends in with the surrounding area, and this mural will help potential adopters find the facility better.

Kiel said a few months ago that he discovered the Chula Vista Arts Scholarship Program and was encouraged to apply for a scholarship. He met the ground floor murals at a city council meeting where they were recognized for the artwork they had done in Chula Vista, and they talked and met, and eventually, were awarded the scholarship.

A portion of a mural that was commissioned for the animal welfare facility in Chula Vista was recently completed.

Paul Jiménez and Ceny Daytona, the couple who make up the ground floor murals, are animal lovers and advocates who appreciate giving back to the community through their art. The art duo has been in the spotlight across the county recently, having secured a contract with the Padres to paint baseball murals across the county, and they’ve also done several work locally in Chula Vista. Jimenez lives in Chula Vista.

Keel said Ground Floor Murals did all the work, setting up a competition for people who own shelter animals to get photos taken by one of their community partners, The Woof Booth, a local animal portrait photographer, who chose the winners, submitted a photo of what the mural would look like, and went Artists to work.

“I just can’t believe it. It’s not just like the picture, it’s the picture,” he said. “It’s so amazing.”

Kiel said the sanctuary has been operating for 20 years on this site and can accommodate up to 300 animals at any one time. Unfortunately, he said, it’s always on capacity. Kiel said the facility is operated by the city of Chula Vista, which has been providing services to the community since 1923.

“I think this is very important for the city. We have a great cultural diversity here. There are many people who have lived here their whole lives, and many people who love animals. We are local. We serve the immediate community.” “We also serve the Lemon Grove and National City communities. Like other shelters, we mostly house dogs and cats, but we also have rabbits and other mammals. We also get our fair share of livestock.”

Jimenez said this project “was really cool” because it involved so many locals and San Diegans got involved because of the Instagram Floor Murals competition.

We picked 12 out of about 50 shows and got professional photos of all of them by The Woof Booth, another great local artist.

“From there we picked four of those. These animals on the wall are all local animals, local pets, there is one souvenir piece.”
Jimenez said the unveiling will feature several dog vendors, a food truck, and DJ, and will show the first video they made of the mural itself.

“We love drawing animals. We love animal advocacy. This was a really great collaboration. It felt right. We really give them our all. We went above and beyond budget just because it’s a great project. We just want to show our love for Chula Vista and show what we care about.” Really.This is Animal Conservation and Chula Vista.

The mural is the cause of the paws

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