The perfect shopping experience awaits you in the heart of Bangkok!

The perfect shopping experience awaits you in the heart of Bangkok!

Celebrating its 75th anniversary with activities and promotions during this special celebration.

BangkokAnd the November 3, 2022 /PRNewswire/ – Recently, Central Retail’s Central Department Store, along with Central The1 and MasterCard, introduced ‘Central Celebration 75The tenth Feast” to celebrate it 75The tenth Anniversary, with dazzling activities to thank our valued customers and treat them to a wonderful shopping experience amidst wonderful flowers throughout the special celebration. The highlight of the celebration was the return of the popular annual Flower Festival where customers witnessed the locations of the three downtown department stores, Central Chidlom, Central @ centralwworld and the Central Embassy, ​​transformed into a floral paradise with countless flowers welcoming everyone. and take pictures. Offers of activities, entertainment and special promotions were presented at the Flower Festival in Central Chidlom and Downtown @ Centralworld during 27-31 October 2022The Central Embassy during October 27 – November 9 2022.

The perfect shopping experience awaits you in the heart of Bangkok! Central Store Celebrates “Central 75th Anniversary Celebration”

Olivier BruneCEO of Retail Center Central Store He said: “The central celebration is 75The tenth Anniversaries are a special phenomenon, especially the flower festival and special activities, that are back and bigger than ever. We offer this as a token of appreciation and a gift of happiness to our customers and partners, to thank them for their continued support over the past 75 years. We will continue to improve our services to ensure that our customers always have the best experience when they come to the Central Store.”

The first event was the long-awaited “Flower Festival”. The festival presented the central store in a new light, welcome everyone to experience the beauty of the floral paradise full of luscious flowers from Thailand And abroad, bring happiness to everyone and celebrate the special occasion of 75 supermarketsThe tenth Anniversary. There were three different concepts in the three locations.

Entrance and central hall at 1Street Chidlom center floor: The place was surrounded by pillars of bamboo decorated in colorful colors with warm and cool colors. Papyrus plants add depth along the path, while tall three-story boards made of braided rattan strips form into beautiful patterns, creating a harmonious transition between hot and cold tones. Another highlight on this floor is the rattan rabbit, which symbolizes fertility, and represents how the central store always has everything its customers are looking for.

2second abbreviation Women’s Section Floor: Sitting among the flower meadow, male rabbits stare at the female rabbit on the moon, representing a strong emotional connection between Central Store and our customers over the years. The entrance is also meticulously decorated with a frame, symbolizing eternal love.

3research and development Floor Section Men: Prepare for the tropical freshness of the lush green forest where beautiful plants were on display, decorated with red and orange flowers to contrast the aesthetics of color.

5The tenth floor, house section: Many types of roses from around the world were presented in two shades: delicate light colors and bright and bold colors. The floor and ceiling are decorated with rose leaves to mimic the experience of strolling through the blooming rose garden.

6The tenth The word, My Little World: Meet giant rabbits roaming around the meadow, gazing at the moon on the roof. Kids can take pictures with these adorable and playful bunnies amidst the vibrant flowers.

Make your way to the other side across the bridge between Central Chidlom and Central Embassy. The bridge became a tunnel decorated with colorful fresh flowers from local flower farms to generate income for them. Flowers are combined with stems, stems and leaves to create wonderful hanging decorations under the concept of “An endless field of flowersEveryone is invited to come and take pictures.

In the central embassy, ​​the G floor is decorated with flower-shaped aluminum creations in keeping with the eco-friendly trend, under the concept of “eternal prosperityAfter the event, aluminum materials were smelted for use in making prosthetics for the disabled. There were many activities to enjoy, such as Blooming Market at 5The tenth floor Where you can find floral accessories, fashion products, home goods, and Exhibition “Area 107” on the sixth floor of the Open HouseShowcasing the works of university students, as well as watercolor and acrylic painting workshops.

Wrap up the trip with a famous landmark, Central @centralwworld, who came up with a concept “wild flowers”. arena events on 1Street The floor has been transformed into a “mysterious forest” depicting lush nature that brings happiness and joy to its visitors. Elaborately decorated with flowers and plants, the forest welcomes you in its majestic beauty protected by gods and guardians. The portal led you to heaven and the animal where the gods resided, with floral motifs in honor of the gods for eternal happiness.

In addition to decorating the shops with elaborate flower displays to celebrate its seventy-fifth anniversaryThe tenth On the anniversary, the Central Store also introduced floral dishes, both sweet and savory, exclusively for the occasion, at Itai On the LG floor of the central embassy, public market on 2second abbreviation word and louvre on 7The tenth Chidlom and . center floor living house on 7The tenth Central Floor @ centralworld.

During the festive period, shoppers were given special offers, with great items at up to 30% off, and additional discounts of up to 12.5% ​​when redeeming The1 points for the same purchase amount. There were also special items in “The Red Collection” and “The Exclusive Collection” from over 1,000 leading brands in each category, as well as limited-edition souvenirs with conditions. Enjoy these special offers throughout the campaign period at all central stores and central apps. For more details, visit

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