The Roar's NRL Expert Tips & Predictions: Week 1 Finals

The Roar’s NRL Expert Tips & Predictions: Week 1 Finals

Hey Roars!

It’s finals time baby! The best of the best are vying to reserve their ticket for the first Sunday in October.

But before we move on to the first week of the finals, we’d better take a look at what happened last week to get us here.

Let’s summarize –

Thursday night saw Eel secure two finals cherries after beating the Storm 22-14 and finishing fourth. Melbourne has slipped to fifth and now has the unfamiliar feeling of no second chances.

The Sea Eagles went down to the Bulldogs 21-20 on Friday night, despite taking a 16-0 lead after 20 minutes. Both teams are now finished, and Manley can finally put this season behind them – and enjoy all the off-pitch drama they seem to be clouded in now.

Then we headed to the brand new Allianz Stadium for another chapter in the book of grudge matches between the Roosters and Rabbitohs. The tricolor grabbed the bragging rights to a 26-12 win, and now they can host their old friends in the first week of the finals.

On Saturday we drove across the ditch to watch a game that had no impact on the finals, but it turned out to be very exciting. Lagging the Warriors 26-12 with eight minutes left on the clock, the Giants managed to equalize and push the match to the golden point. A Tanah Boyd field goal gave the Titans a 27-26 victory that broke the hearts of the Warriors fans.

Gold Coast Titans (Photo by Dave Rowland/Getty Images)

In Saturday’s second game in Kojara, the Broncos were fighting to survive. They were keeping one last roll of dice to make the eight against the side of the dragons playing just for pride. Anyone would have thought the opposite was true, as Brisbane seems to be doing everything they can to lose. Which they did. 12-22.

We then headed to Townsville to see the Cowboys host the Panthers U9 team. The hosts won 38-8 but the Penrith players who played showed a lot of heart. It was a great experience for young people, with some who had never been to Queensland before. The win gave the Cowboys hope for second place, all they needed were the jockeys to beat the sharks the next day.

Which we didn’t do, of course. It was 12 – all in the first half, but then of course we came back in the second half like we usually do, and we blew Cronulla from the park 38-16. Sharks took second place and my sons got ready for a frenzy on Monday.

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Then we had the last game of the regular season, and the Tigers would like to quickly forget it. Being beaten by the Conquistadors 56-10 wasn’t the way the Tigers wanted to thank the Lichardt Oval audience. The Raiders had already taken 8th place thanks to Brain Blast in Brisbane, this was just the icing on the cake.

AJ somehow nominated Titans and Dragons, earning him 7/8. Mary and you are legends in the crowd leaning 6/8, Paul leaning 5/8 with Mike and me in the back with 4/8.

This means another change in leadership! AJ is back in front at 142, with Paul 141. Mary and the Crowd trailed at 137, Mike finished fourth with a 125, and I hang out with my golf buds LIV on 112.

And then, there were eight. Let’s check out what we have in store for the first week of Finals.

We head to BlueBet Stadium for the Battle of the West between the Panthers (1Street) and eels (4The tenth) at 7.50 pm. The last time these two met, Penrith’s favorite son Nathan Cleary was fired for dangerous interference on Ailes Five and Eight, Dylan Brown. His five-week suspension is now over, and Cleary is back with several of his friends who enjoyed a nice break last week.

BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA - May 14: Panthers' Nathan Cleary looks to pass the ball during the NRL Round 10 match between Melbourne Storm and Penrith Panthers at Suncorp Stadium, on May 14, 2022, in Brisbane, Australia.  (Photo by Bradley Canaris/Getty Images)

Nathan Cleary. (Photo by Bradley Canaris/Getty Images)

Parramatta has beaten Penrith in their encounter this season and will be looking to do it again so he can enjoy a week off. Will it be the third time lucky for the leopards or the trifecta for the snakes?

We start Saturday with our double header at AAMI Park, where the storm (5The tenthhost invaders (8The tenth) in our first knockout match in the finals. Melbourne will be angry that they are in this position, while Canberra will come out to prove that they are not just making up numbers.

One will succeed, and the other will head to the flight center to book an end-of-season flight to Bali. Who will we say goodbye to?

Then we make our way to the rafters-filled PointsBet playground to watch the sharks (2second abbreviation) and Cowboys (3research and developmentFight for the right to a week off. Cronulla appears to have come out of nowhere to finish the season near the top, while the Cowboys are the surprise package as many at the start of the year nominated them for the spoon.

The Sharks beat the Cowboys in the 2016 competition to reach the Grand Final. The Cowboys gave it back to the sharks in the same game the following year. To add to the drama between these two, Chad Townsend is facing his old club, expected to receive a lukewarm reception from the Sharks crowd. But will he finally laugh and come home with a win?

On Sunday, we will return to Allianz Stadium for the second elimination final between the Roosters (6 .).The tenth) and Rabbitohs (7The tenth). The Roosters entered this game by defeating the Souths last week. They will look to repeat it while the South will come out for vengeance.

This grudge match is always a sweet thing, but it will mean so much more after one of those arch rivals has to hang up boots after a match. Will it be rabbit stew or fried chicken for dinner?

Well, for the hints. I’ll let our new captain AJ lead us this week.

If you’d like to see how you’ll face the experts on this roundup, just remember to get your tips below by 5:00 PM to be counted into The Crowd’s tips.

Good luck with tipping everyone!

AJ Mithen

Panthers, raiders, cowboys, roosters,

Back to the top, as it should be and always will be. Like all true champions, my journey to glory is timed to perfection as all so-called competitors collapse under pressure. Here’s who to tip this week.

I tip Penrith because Parramatta is in the “show me” category when it comes to taking the pressure of the finals. Penrith’s full strength and defense will be the rock, but they’ll need to score over 12 to get past the eels.

Your presumed champions, the people’s team, the Canberra Raiders will go from a casual 56 position on the Tigers to a casual 56 position on the Unlucky, floundering at Melbourne Storm for their fifth consecutive win at Canberra Rectangular Stadium also known as AAMI Park.

Hudson Young Riders (Photo by Mark Nolan/Getty Images)

I am keen on the sharks but have to go to the ‘disturbance’ when they welcome the far north. Both teams are in good shape, the Cowboys’ defensive line is better, both teams play well defensively and the Sharks will rely heavily on a strong game of their halves. So, the cowboys would win, but it’s no surprise that the sharks would.

Roosters v Bunnies would be the best, but I can’t see the Souths get past the ‘wall of feathers’ enough times to win. Roosters are better in most positions and will comfortably win, like a score and a half or so.

Marie Konstantopoulos

Eels, invaders, sharks and rabbits.

Like I said last week, come on at this time of year, I start in my heart, not my head. This first game should be the best, with Penrith approaching full power for the first time in weeks. I tend to the Snakes because they are my team and I really believe this team can beat the Panthers for the third time this year.

The Raiders go to the finals as underdogs but they couldn’t have hoped for a better job in the first week. The invaders are Hood Storm’s team and hit them several times. There are whispers that Jahrome Hughes might not be fit, giving the Conquerors an extra boost.

With the land advantage over his land, the Cowboys will be defeated by the Sharks and the Rabbitwhis will be defeated by the Chucky. With the return of Campbell Graham, Cameron Murray and Damien Cook, the Souths will appear on a different team. It’s also highly unlikely that Latrell Mitchell will go out two games in a row.

Mike Mihal Wood

leopards, storm, sharks, roosters

cheetahs to win. It might be soon, but given that Brad Arthur said “there are no second chances” on 9 News Wednesday night when he literally gets a second chance with a fourth, I’d go for Evan Cleary for the win.

The invaders are Melbourne’s ghost team at AAMI Park, right? They’ve won 7 of 12 visits there, including not long ago as they were returning home to the finals. Well, it may be, but if you follow this column, you will know that I am a Melbourne guy in Melbourne. storm to take it.

Dusty borders, winds from the water, Buzz Rothfield, err, buzzing around the ET platform. There is no such thing as Shark Park. Well there is a lot of rubbish, very small playgrounds outside. However, I would report which of these two teams was in the house and the sharks, so Up, Up Cronulla from me.

The non-dusty, non-stormy, and less family-friendly frontier should be for SFS Sunday. The Chief Roosters, because they won fairly convincingly last week, says Heart Banes, because I like the idea of ​​being right when everyone else says they’re bullshit. Did I mention I always thought they were good? Well, in one click and in one go, Chooks.

(Photo by Mark Colby/Getty Images)

Paul Sutter

Panthers, storm, sharks and rabbits

The Panthers will avenge their loss to Parramatta during the regular season.

Melbourne won’t do it easily, but it should hold up against Canberra at home.

The Cronulla and the Cowboys will be the lowest match he scores and the Sharks will win.

Souths prepares to provoke the wrath of the Roosters with match player Latrell Mitchell

Daniel Smith

Eel, storm, cowboy, rooster

What a game to start the finals! There is absolutely no logic to this, I just think Bara can do it.

This was my back and forth advice, and even after picking one up, I’m still not sure. Hmmm….a storm.

Cowboys to win and Townsend to kick the winning field goal!

My God! This is going to be exciting! The Roosters did it last week, and I think the Chooks will do it here again.

Week 1 Finals AJ Daniel Marie mike pee rally
PEN V PAR pen PAR PAR pen pen ?
MEL V . can Can ME Can ME ME ?
last round 7 4 6 4 5 6
the total 142 112 137 125 141 137

James Graham’s advice Courtesy of Bye Round Preview Podcast

Penrith Panthers $1.41 vs Parramatta Ailes $2.45

Friday 7.50 pm, Blupit Stadium

“I have to imagine Penrith Panthers in this one, but I think it’s going to be tight.”

Melbourne Storm $1.41 vs Canberra Raiders $2.95

Saturday 5.40 PM AAMI Park

“I think Melbourne will achieve a comfortable victory. The Raiders, I admire their efforts, but I think Melbourne will have a lot for them.”

Cronola Sharks $1.70 vs North Queensland Cowboys $2.15

Saturday 7.50 p.m. Bet Stadium points

“This is going to be a great game. Two teams that love to throw the ball, their offensive tactics are very similar. But I have to go to the sharks, I think the sharks will get it.”

Sydney Roosters $1.60 vs South Sydney Rabbitohs $2.35

Sunday 4.05 pm, Allianz Stadium

“Now that the three Roosters are set, they were already looking strong on the weekend without Tupou and Suaalii, but I think that gives the Roosters that slight advantage. The Roosters should have had enough.

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