The Roar's NRL Expert Tips & Predictions: Week Two Finals

The Roar’s NRL Expert Tips & Predictions: Week Two Finals

Hey Roars!

Well, if the first week of finals doesn’t take your socks off, nothing will happen!

Let’s summarize –

The Panthers led by Cleary were too strong for the eels on Friday night, with a 27-8 victory in front of the packed Ploppet Stadium. Prince Penrith made no mistake returning from suspension for five weeks, silencing any chatter that he would be rusty after his stint on the sideline.

While arm wrestling was quite in the first half, the eels seemed to stray after Mitch Moses left the field midway through the second when his head met William Kekia’s knee during the tackle. The Panthers are now getting ready to stand up as Parramatta prepares for a sudden death match next week.

And raise your hand if you had a bit of a chuckle when Taylan Mai was bereft of sin and finally suspended after all the drama surrounding his belated suspension for next season and letting him play in that latest series? (Danielle raises her hand.)

On Saturday, we drove to AAMI Park to watch the first elimination final of the weekend between the Storm and Raiders. Canberra has a great record in Melbourne, but many believe the finals will be different because the Green Machine was apparently making up the numbers.

Well, haven’t they proven the fans wrong?! In a very impressive game, Joseph Tabin led the Raiders too strong for Storm, knocking them out of the finals with a 28-20 win. Not only did Bellamy and the boys make the surprise exit, but they also had to bid farewell to departing players Brandon Smith and Phyllis Kaufusi as well as Jesse and Kenny Bromwich.

Once we caught our breath, we all entered the chocker block PoinstBet for the Sharks and Cowboys showdown.

These limbs were neck and neck the entire match, deadlocked in the first half and again at the end of time thanks to Jason Taumalulu who pulled himself off his nude playlist with a storm attempt right on the siren.

80 minutes? No, not enough. extra time? Sorry, we wanted more. An epic 93-minute battle for the ages with a 45-meter field goal by Valentine Holmes finally ended to give the Cowboys a 32-30 victory and a week off.

Valentine Holmes. (Photo by Mark Colby/Getty Images)

Then on Sunday, after we thought we’d seen it all, the Roosters and the Bunnies told us to bring their beers.

Seven sin slots, both 18The tenth Guys energized, and what felt like 1,087 minutes from the edge of your seat, your eyes are unbelievable. By the time Ashley Klein replaced his whistle a few times, Souths somehow managed to win 30-14 over his rivals, send the trio for the 2022 season and earn bragging rights to the bunny for years to come.

Mike, AJ and You Legends in Crowd lean 3/4, Paul and Mary lean 2/4 and I’m 1/4. AJ is still in the lead on 145 with Paul still hot on his tail with 143. The crowd is now exactly third at 140 with Mary fourth at 139. Mike is fifth at 128 — and you know where I am at 113.

And then there were six. Let’s check out what we have in store for Week Two of Finals.

While Penrith has fun at Cables Water Park or does some indoor snorkeling in the Panthers, and Cowboys will hang out on the beach or take a relaxing ferry ride to Magnetic Island, there will be four teams hitting the Biggies off each other to try and keep their season alive.

On Friday night, Parramatta and Canberra meet at Compbank Stadium at 7.50pm. It’s been a long time since either side was the last standing, with the latter’s Raiders winning the premiership in 1994, and the English triumphing again in 1986. Now they are two games away from having another chance and won’t give up that privilege easily.

Mitch Moses is confident he will play, and the eels will override everything he does because having him on the field is beneficial to their chances. The Raiders will be without Adam Elliott who sustained a thigh injury last week, with Corey Harawira-Nyera entering the starting line-up.

The battle for the top players will be massive, as he faces the likes of Joseph Tabin, Josh Papale, Hudson Young, Isaiah Papale, Junior Paulo and Reagan Campbell Gillard. I can already hear Kabooms!

Nisho Haynes (Photo by Cameron Spencer/Getty Images)

Then on Saturday, the Sharks and the Rabbitohs will be at Allianz Stadium at 8:00pm. Both teams were in epic matches last week, and I have a feeling we might be in the same situation (except for the 87 people who were sent into the rowdy corner).

This game is shaping up to be a high score fortune, with an X Factor player hoping to cross the line. Nicho Hynes has to be one of the best buys of the year, and his seventh-place finish at Cronulla was near perfect. Latrell Mitchell, well, Latrell Mitchell, and the change in the South since returning from injury is undeniable.

The Sharks put up the same number 17 lost to the Cowboys, while Michael Chi Cam comes off the bench for suspended Tom Burgess.

Can the Sharks recover from their 93-minute heartache, or are Souths on an unstoppable mission to go better than last year?

Well, for the hints. I’ll let Mary lead us.

If you’d like to see how you’ll face the experts on this roundup, just remember to get your tips below by 5:00 PM to be counted into The Crowd’s tips.

Good luck with tipping everyone!

Marie Konstantopoulos

eels and rabbits

The Eels have not lost consecutive games this year and they are not starting now. The Eels were beaten by a better team in Penrith last week, but this week in front of their home crowd, I’m expecting to see Parramatta play the kind of football they fit in with big races in the middle and plenty of dump. The Raiders were impressive but they probably played the Grand Final last week.

Rabbits’ confidence will be high after beating their arch rivals last week. Given the ferocity of the match last week, my concern is that it will affect Cronola and as a result we will see the Rabbit win on Saturday.

Paul Sutter

Eels and sharks

Parramatta will match the hustle and bustle of Canberra through the middle so there are plenty of rows wide.

Cronulla and South Sydney are the heart of the coin-operated job, but the sharks seem calmer in pressure situations, so they should go home by a point or two.

CANBERRA, AUSTRALIA - MAY 29: Junior Paulo eels in a bout during round 12 of an NRL match between the Canberra Raiders and Parramatta Eels at GIO Stadium, on May 29, 2022, in Canberra, Australia.  (Photo by Mark Nolan/Getty Images)

(Photo by Mark Nolan/Getty Images)

AJ Mithen

Raiders and Rabbitohs

Almost irreplaceable progress after just one week of postponing the finals! This is how true courage is rewarded. Now to evade while the rest flounder like a player acting for a penalty kick.

After a straight win over Melbourne, the Canberra Raiders will tour Commbank Stadium and put together an unofficial 56 on Parramatta, who broke his defense and soul last week at the hands of Penrith. It doesn’t matter if Mitch loses play or not, the Green Machine will put a waste on their hosts and we’ll see number one straight sets come out.

We’ll then see straight sets exit number two when it knocks south of Sydney’s Cronulla. Rabbits are better organized and in better shape, although the sharks showed some good things at their construction site last week in getting down to the cowboys. I think the rabbits have the advantage of attacking, but after both teams played last week, this team is going to be really tough and that’s where the sharks might be able to make it work.

Mike Mihal Wood

eels and rabbits

Raiders v Parra is close to anything, and it’s very hard to call him because Canberra is the team I’ve seen in person at least this year. Both sides like the middle fight so I’ll decide that, and I’m leaning toward the eels there.

My hunch is that Bara will have a lot more in the house, so I’ll go for them – without too much confidence, that has to be said.

Sharks v Bunnies will be much more expansive, with both sides being more comfortable attacking than defending. Despite all of Craig Fitzgibbon’s praise of his team after the defeat to the Cowboys last week, I can’t support a team that ceded 30 points – especially when facing one of their best attacks.

Souths will take this into a high-score action thriller.

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - MARCH 25: Rabbitohs' Keon Kolamatangi pulls the ball during the third round of the NRL game between South Sydney Rabbits and Sydney Roosters at Accor Stadium, on March 25, 2022, in Sydney, Australia.  (Photo by Matt King/Getty Images)

(Photo by Matt King/Getty Images)

Daniel Smith

Invaders and sharks

With pressure and expectation on the shoulders of those in blue and gold, it’s the green machine for me!

Ah, back and forth. This is very difficult to choose as both teams will come off the back of two epic matches. But I’m going to go to the sharks in another exciting Golden Point movie.

Week Finals 2 AJ Daniel Marie mike pee rally
CRO V SOU so CRO so so CRO so
last round 3 1 2 3 2 3
the total 145 113 139 128 143 140

James Graham’s advice Courtesy of Bye Round Preview Podcast

Parramatta Ills $1.50 vs Canberra Raiders2.60

Friday 7.50pm, Kompank Stadium

“I fantasize about Parramatta getting back into their winning ways. They were so great against Melbourne at home. They pulled back a bit towards the end, but I imagine Parramatta in this.”

Cronola Sharks $2.00 vs South Sydney RabbitWhose Dollars1.82

Saturday 8:00 pm, Allianz Stadium

“T on a knife edge. I have the sharks to win this. I just think the sharks have been really good all year and rabbits, it was a brutal encounter with a lot of emotion. And sometimes you look at the physical impact, and also the emotional impact as well. It just oozes out of your emotional energy” .

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