The Rural Child: The youth organization that tries to revive lackluster storytelling

The Rural Child: The youth organization that tries to revive lackluster storytelling

For about two and a half decades, storytelling has been an important activity in Gambian communities. Stories are usually fiction but can help children and young people to draw lessons of moral awareness from them that can stimulate their maturity and build caution.

But in today’s generation, most parents are turning to the comfort of technology to send their children to sleep. This can be considered simple childhood fun but none of it can compare to the importance of storytelling for children. Today, parents have little or no time to tell stories with their children.

However, the Rural Youth Organization invite country child She is now trying to revive this vibrant culture of storytelling in rural communities. This is in consideration of the critical role he was playing in the overall development of children and their transition from childhood to adolescence and adulthood. whether it is a fable of deference to the advice of old men; About the wise hare and the greedy hyena. Sona Mariama, the girl who refused to heed the advice of her parents or the animal kingdom, storytelling offers many advantages for children.

The name of the revival process moonlight novel It is the brainchild of the International Organization for Migration Information Center (IOM) – MIC in the West Coast region, moonlight novel Objectives To enhance communication between MIC and communities on irregular migration and related issues and to help young people draw ethical lessons from stories told by returning migrants that can remind them of the risks associated with irregular migration.

It also aims to promote excellence in non-formal education and support young people with educational means for growth and development to reorient a positive mindset. Storytelling It used to be a popular bustle in homes and communities. It is usually organized in circular arrangements and older people tell stories meant to help children be careful as they get older.

Since the conception of moonlight novel by MIC, country child He built a strong interest in its sustainability and reaching more communities in their efforts to revive this important culture. Together with the MIC official, they have now conducted the activity in four communities in East Kombo District and expect to conduct more in other rural communities.

country child It is a charitable organization registered under the Companies Act 2013 in The Gambia. Located in Mandinaba, it is led by youth activists, human rights defenders, teachers, journalists, health practitioners and children. It exists to monitor the well-being and protection of children, particularly in rural Gambia and to empower youth, women and communities to build peace and reconciliation and to realize the untapped opportunities and talents in their surroundings that they can take advantage of to develop themselves, their families and communities. The organization also aims to bridge the access gap between children, youth and women in rural and urban areas. Provides access to free additional teaching and learning opportunities and career-definition guidance to students.

Through its community library activities [from where the organization emanated]And the country child Provide guidance and career guidance to children and youth and expose them to an understanding of basic human rights, personal health, education and the environment in which they live.

“We do this because through our childhood experience, we have learned that children love to listen to stories that give them moral lessons,” said Penta ML Toray, IOM West Coast Country Officer, who visualizes the idea of moonlight novel He said.

Ms. Touray believes that when parents and societies invest enough time in telling and sharing stories with children, they inculcate in them the virtues that they can take with them as they get older.

Telling moral values ​​stories and meaningful messages to children can help emulate good morals and put things in order. Doing so inculcates cherished lessons in children and helps them learn about kindness, wisdom, honesty, compassion, and more.

coordinator country child From their findings, Amadou Gallo said that storytelling is one great way to hold a child’s attention for a long time, and many children of this generation find it difficult to focus on something for an extended period of time.

Telling stories can help improve children’s listening skills. This is because they will become more focused and learn how to increase their focus on a particular topic.

Mr. Gallo said when the children listened to a story; It encourages their imagination. They can imagine the story as they want it to look in their heads. It can boost their creativity and keep them open to new ideas.

One of the most important values ​​they identified from storytelling, he said, was its ability to open children’s eyes to new things – places, culture, traditions. It allows them to imagine being in the shoes of the story characters who develop their understanding as they try to follow their actions.

Telling stories to children can increase their ability to express themselves and this is why country child They started their mentorship sessions where they are exposed to both fictional storytelling with moral lessons and live stories from people about their life experiences. These are intended to help children grow into adulthood ready and wise.

Storytelling encourages children to communicate their thoughts, feelings, and ideas and encourages them to ask questions or discuss their ideas.

Previous moonlight novel With MIC it was held twice in Mandinaba, one in Tubakuta and one in Kuloro where an elderly person led the novel while immigrants shared their experiences with the participants. And gobble up campfires, which described how to tell stories in local communities.

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