The Tech Roulette TWS earbuds that are a sensation

The Tech Roulette TWS earbuds that are a sensation

It’s clear that true wireless stereo products are taking over the consumer tech market, especially in the INR 10,000 range. With this in mind, BW Businessworld brings you an offer among three products from TWS that will be judged based on design, comfort and performance. These products cater to a diverse audience that prefers streamlined designs, powerful sound, or ultra-budget price tags.

Rabbit Wave Bud Pro

The Rabbit Wave Buds Pro was the most unexpected entry on this list. The product feels very well designed and built. Inspired by a real rabbit, Rabbit Wave Buds Pro keeps sound as their number one priority. The two most impressive features of this power packed TWS product are the combination of ENC and ANC. Not to mention the dedicated gaming mode with low audio latency, Bluetooth 5.1 support, and last but not least, the much-needed Transparency Mode. Some brands seem to forget only the last one.

First impressions: the design

The Rabbit Wave Buds Pro is an amazingly designed product. Its specialty lies in the simplicity of its design. The earphones look excellent and so do they. The finish on the case and earbuds is smooth with no creases or sudden edges.

Definitely 4.5/5 in terms of build quality.


I’ll start with the fact that the earbuds sit perfectly and do not require constant thrust. Rabbit has installed ergonomics with Wave Buds Pro. Whether it’s office work, a run, a weights session at the gym, or game night, Rabbit Wave Buds Pro will stay where it’s meant to be.

It’s 4.5/5 in terms of comfort.

Real world performance

Wave Buds Pro stands their ground when it comes to real-world performance. The 13mm drivers do a great job with audio. With a single tap and hold on the right earbud, you can switch between transparency, ANC, and ENC modes. Likewise, with a single tap on the left earbud, you can switch between game and music modes.

I can’t stress enough how amazing it is to have Active Noise Cancellation, Environmental Noise Cancellation, and Transparency Mode. These features make any TWS product complete, in my opinion.

13mm drivers make sure the sound is consistent when listening to music or playing a game on the smartphone. The connectivity experience isn’t far behind either. The sound is loud and clear. Pocket Full Gadgets, the company behind the Rabbit brand, has really made a good product that is versatile as well as functional.

5/5 for performance.

Bolt Maverick

Bolt Maverick

Boult Audio has always been one of those brands that are always ahead of the game when it comes to audio. The product we are going to talk about here is the Bolt Maverick. Boult Maverick offers a great mix of presentation and content. The slogan reads “For everyone. Not just players,” and I believe that. The designers went for something futuristic here, clearly inspired by the movie “Tron”.

We live in an age where everything revolves around that immersive experience. Whether it’s gamers or the casual music enthusiast, everyone wants a satisfying audio experience. Features such as dedicated gaming mode (combat mode), noise cancellation, fast charging and 10mm drivers ensure that users get exactly what they want.

First impressions: the design

Boult Maverick gives you a solid CyberPunk feel and if you’re interested in something like that, I can’t imagine it’s less than a dream come true. The LED lighting on the case extending across the center line of the case is a sight to behold for those who appreciate small details. The light flashes in a gentle pulsation several times when the case is opened. The charging case features a semi-transparent top that, once again, remains true to the futuristic design language. Coming to the earbuds now, they have the same little ring-shaped LED’s that flash from time to time. When you’re in combat mode, Maverick’s custom gaming mode, this ring pulsates gently instead of blinking. The overall build quality is definitely commendable too.

It’s 5/5 for the design.


The buds felt very comfortable and did not cause any problems in terms of ergonomics. However, they began to decline as soon as the movement intensified, that is, exercise. The problem was largely taken care of once the ear tips were changed to a small size.

Give it 3.5/5 for a break.

Real world performance

Boult Maverick delivers great sound for the price. The low latency Combat clad mode does a good job while playing. The volume is naturally high and the highs and mids are great. Listening to music was a joy. The amplified bass combined with noise cancellation does a great job of providing an immersive audio experience. The strong bass can be a problem for those who are just looking to listen to soft music as the instruments may overpower a bit.

For those who are wondering, yes, there is a huge difference between Music Mode and Game Mode in Boult Maverick. Combat mode can be activated and deactivated by pressing and holding the left earbud. Bolt claims a low latency of 45ms and I have no doubts about that. The gaming experience was very smooth with Maverick.

In the end, it is a TWS product that has been primarily designed and made with gamers in mind. However, non-players can enjoy it just as much. What matters is that the sound is great, thanks to the 10mm drivers. The buds are water and dust resistant with an IPX5 rating, making them immune to damage from sweat. Connectivity is not an issue, thanks to Bluetooth 5.3. Last but not least, the 35-hour playtime backup is a joy.

It’s 4/5 in performance.

Suit Airlite 006

The final contender in the TWS series is the Swott Air Lit 006, which is the only one of the three made in India. However, the product looks and feels amazing. The build quality is impressive and the fact that it didn’t fall off even once during a run or weightlifting sessions at the gym is actually applaudable.

First impressions: the design

The Swott Airlit 006 is a sleek, well-built and elegant product designed with attention to detail. The thing that will catch your eye right from the start is the digital charging indicator located on the front and center of the case. This is something not many TWS products offer in this price range. The Type C charging port is located on the bottom of the case. The case opens smoothly without any hindrance at all. Once again, it’s a neat and compact package.

Clear 4/5 in terms of design and build quality.


The Swott Airlit 006 may not look like it, but it is very comfortable. Once placed in the ear canal, the buds will not fall out. Resetting the earbuds due to poor design is one of the many concerns that arise with TWS earbuds. However, the Swott Airlit 006 left no stone unturned in that area.

4/5 for convenience.

Real world performance

The Bluetooth 5.0-equipped Swott Airlit 006 is a godsend for those who want an immersive and all-encompassing audio experience but are on a tight budget. TWS Buds are a buzz with nearly flawless real-world performance.

I can’t stress enough the fact how important the LED display is on the front. One look and you will know the charge of the can as well as the buds. The sound is clear with nice highs and mids. However, connection quality is an area that can be worked on but does not affect the overall performance.

In case you are wondering if Airlit 006 is compatible with games, it is not. Although it is not marketed as a gaming product, I would say it is preferable to use. At this price point, the sound quality that Swott has been able to deliver is commendable. With just 10 minutes of charging, Airlit 006 provides around 100 minutes of playing time. On a 60-minute full charge, Airlit 006 offers a runtime of 20 hours thanks to its 400mAh battery. The touch controls work on the buds efficiently and are great for everyday use. For fitness enthusiasts, the headphones come with an IPX4 rating for water and dust resistance.

The Swott Airlit 006 covers a lot of the floor when it comes to performance which is why I see it as a jack for all trades and not a niche product. Once we factor in the price, we have a really comprehensive TWS product.

It deserves 4/5 in performance.

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