Tigers win their 10th victory on Alexandria Road: Volleyball Tour |  News, sports, jobs

Tigers win their 10th victory on Alexandria Road: Volleyball Tour | News, sports, jobs

ALEXANDRIA – The top-ranked Marshall Tigers volleyball team made quick work of their rival, Alexandrian No. 7 Cardinal by winning straight sets 25-11, 25-13, 25-17.

Leah Jones led her team in 19 kills with two of her teammates at Brill Race and Randy Wendorf each having 11 in the competition. Lauren Weary led the team with 47 assists, Caitlin Christianson led the team in digs with 21 while teammate Lexi Bednarek was second on the team in digs with 13.

The Marshall Tigers are now 10-1 in the season and will host the Worthington Trojans next Tuesday night at 7:15 p.m.

Marshall 3, Alexandria 0

Marshall 25 25 25

Alexandria 11 13 17

Kills: Marshall (Jones 19; Reese 11; Wendorf 11)

Fossils: Marshall (Christianson 21; Bednarek 12; Kennedy Drake 9)

Assist: Marshall (Wherry 47)

Submission (aces): Marshall (Drake 2; Bednarik 1)

Canby 3, dB 0

KANBY – After their 3-0 home win over Dawson Boyd on Thursday night, the Canby volleyball team found themselves overrun 0.500 times.

Alia Rangard led the way for Lancer with her impact on the defensive end. She had a team 13 holes high. Also making a major impact on the defensive end was Paige Nelson, who contributed eight holes as well as 14 assists for the team. Offensively, Lancer was very balanced. No player killed more than six, but six players killed at least three. Emily Nelson had six players on the team and they delivered three aces.

Rhys Johnson and Hailey Anderson led the blackjack offensively with four kills each, while Chelsea Hosby contributed 11 assists. Ayana Hastad led the team in the digs with 10.

The Canby Lancers (6-5) will head to Kerkhoven Tuesday when they face the KMS Fighting Saints at 7:15 p.m., while the Blackjacks will host the Yellow Medicine East Sting at Dawson at 7:30.

Canby 3, Dawson Boyd 0

Canby 25 25 25

DB 12 9 21

Kills: Canby (E. Nelson 6; Kindup 4; B. Nelson 3; Carly Woollum 3; Grace Hansen 3; Haley Noyes 3) DB (Johnson 4; Anderson 4)

Digs: Canby (Rangaard 13; P. Nelson 8; Noyes 6) DB (Hastad 10; Husby 6)

Group Passes: Canby (P. Nelson 14; E. Nelson 9) DB (Husby 11)

Serving (Aces): Kanby (E Nelson 3; Rangard 3; Noyes 2) DB (Hastad 3)

Wabasso 3, New Ulm Cathedral 1

Wabasso – After losing the first set, the Wabasso Rabbits volleyball team got back on their feet to win each of the next three sets in their 3-1 home win over New Ulm Cathedral on Thursday night.

Avery Carlson was getting it done in all aspects of the game. She led the team in pits and blocks, as well as took second place in kills and contributing to an ace. Alivia Olson finished off by scoring 16 team kills, and Kelsey Frank established her teammates with 39 assists.

The Wabasso Rabbits (6-5) will play their next game against Gibbon-Fairfax-Winthrop at home on Tuesday at 7:15 p.m.

Wabasso 3, New Ulm Cathedral 1

Wabasu 18 25 25 25

NUC 25 18 16 21

Kills: Wabasu (Olson 16; Carlson 10; Natasha Doppler 8)

Fossils: Wabasso (Carlson 23; Audrey Johnson 17)

Group Passes: Wabasu (Frank 39)

Submission: Wabasu (Addison Hildesheim 3; Johnson 2; Carlson 1; Frank 1)


TYLER The No. 4 Knights played dominant volleyball all season. Thursday night was no different for Russell-Tyler-Rothton, as they beat No. 6 McCray at home in straight sets. After the Knights easily won the first two sets, the Wolverines made things interesting in the third set, but RTR still took it 26-24.

Ella Hesse played a well-balanced game for the RTR, with 13 holes and nine kills, second to the team in both classes. She also led the team in aces with two. Lexi Schreurs led the team with 14 holes, and Abby Carr had the highest kill rate with 13.

Russell-Tyler-Ruthton will try to stay hot when they head out on the road to Renville County West and play the Jaguars Tuesday at 7 p.m.


RTR 25 25 26

McCray 18 18 24

Kills: RTR (KAR 13; Hess 9)

Fossils: RTR (Hess 13; El Shrewers 14; Tatum Hess 8; Avery Shrews 7; Kia Elefson 7)

Group Passes: RTR (Ellefson 23; L. Schreurs 10)

Submission (aces): RTR (Hess 2; Hess 1; A. Schrewers 1; Hannah Wendland 1)

Minneota 3, Lac Qui Parle Valley 0

MINEUTA — The Minota Vikings’ No. 2 volleyball team outplayed the Eagles in a 3-0 home win over Lake Cui Barley Valley on Thursday night.

Ireland Stasin led the Vikings in the killings, with ten kills, closely followed by Ella Johnson and Liv Faris. Stassen also had the team’s highest levels of aces and assists, as well as nine holes. Lisa Susner contributed 14 more holes, and Abby Rolbecki finished second on the team with 11.

After the win, the Vikings (9-1) will head to Clara City to face MacRae at 7:15 p.m.

Minneota 3, LQPV 0

Minota 25 25 25

LQPV 20 17 12

Kills: Minota (Stasen 10; Johnson 9; Knight 8)

Digs: Minneota (Sussner 14; Rolbiecki 11; Stassen 9)

Assisted by: Minota (Stasen 21; Nabaa Hanin 8)

Submission (aces): Minota (Stäsen 1; Dakota Henin 1; Rolbeke 1)

Westbrook-Walnut Grove 3, Beaver Hills 0

HILLS- The Westbrook Walnut Grove Chargers We came out with a win over the Red Rock Central Falcons on Tuesday and continued our winning streak by beating the Hills-Beaver Creek Patriots in straight sets 25-13, 25-17, 25-18.

The Chargers’ Natalie Wahl led her team in 10 kills and teammate Carlie Ross led nine in wins. Addeson Jenniges led her team with 24 assists and Isabella Rentschler led her team with 11 holes while Isabel Clumber was second with 10 assists on the night.

The Westbrook Chargers Walnut Grove are now 4-1 on the season and will then play in the tournament hosted by Jackson County Central High School on Saturday morning.

KMS 3, Lakeview 0

Cottonwood – The Lakeview Lakers returned home to face Fighting Saints Kirkhoven-Murdock-Sunberg and in two sets, the Lakers fought but lost in straight sets 23-25, 11-25, 23-25.

It didn’t go well for the Lakers as they only collected 13 kills per night with Erin Mayer and Olivia Haines both leading the team with five players each. Haines also led the team in digs with just three.

The Lakers now drop to 1-4 on the season and play next Saturday in an invite tournament hosted by Minneweska High School.

KMS 3, Lakeview 0

KMS 25 25 25

Lake View 23 11 23

Kills: Lakeview (Meyer 5; Olivia Haines 5; Kiara Haines 2)

Fossils: Lakeview (O. Hinz 3; Meyer 2; Koryssa Herrick 2)

Central Minnesota Christian 3, Yellow Medicine East 1

GRANITE FALLS – Yellow Medicine East Sting suffered another loss of the season to Central Minnesota Christian Bluejays in four sets, 17-25, 24-26, 25-22 and 17-25.

Sting’s Hannah Stark and Robbie Bones each led their team with 10 kills in the competition. Pons also led her team with five blocks and that’s 15 times in the last two games. Kayla Nordaune, Kiara Sakry and Gracie Kleven led the team in digs with 12 each. Senator Arya Peters had 10 holes and also led her team with 37 passes in the competition

Yellow Medicine East Sting (1-9) will travel to Renville County West High School and then play in an invitation tournament on Saturday morning.

Central Minnesota Christian 3, Yellow Medicine East 1

CMC 25 26 22 25

YME 17 24 25 27

Kills: YME (Bone 10; Stark 10; Sacree 8)

Digs: YME (Nordaune 12; Kleven 12; Sakry 12)

Group Passes: YME (Peters 37)

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