Metroid Samus Returns, Bayonetta 2, And Eternal Darkness Sanitys Requiem

Top 10 scariest Nintendo characters

Nintendo is usually known for making cute, cuddly characters that make some of the best stuffed games imaginable, but Nintendo systems actually include some pretty scary characters. They may not be the most terrifying characters to appear in gaming history, but they still manage to withstand some of their fear factor.

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Some of the games on this list will be surprising as these were Nintendo console-exclusive titles that have gone under the radar especially when it comes to the survival horror genre. These characters are from across a vast discography that is exclusively owned by Nintendo.


10/10 Pooh – New Super Mario Bros. 2

boo back In many Super Mario games since its inception in Super Mario Bros. 3. Most of the time he has two looks, one of which is usually a cute shy face and the other is a rather creepy silly face that will chase Mario if he looks away. The Boo in New Super Mario Bros.2 It’s terrifying though.

The Boo has puffy cheeks and his eyes sing deeply into his face making him look like the ghost of a sleep-deprived serial killer. This Boo is not a pretty sight and had it not been for this slow pace of the game it would have added a lot of suspense to Super Mario World 2.

9/10 Shadow/Hero Soul – The Legend of Zelda: Princess of Twilight

Shadow or soul hero is actually a link from ocarina of time And the Majora maskBut he lives as a soul of regret for not being able to pass on the lessons he learned. in The Legend of Zelda: Princess of Twilight He is able to fulfill his dreams and train Link from that schedule to be strong enough to defeat Ganondorf.

The scariest part about this spirit which is also referred to as The Hero’s Shade is that it appears as a rotting spectral remnant of Link’s Hero of Time version.

8/10 Grudge – Joo Eun: Grudge

The Grudge is scary in movies and a Wii exclusive Where were most ancient cities built? Bring this terrifying ghost to the survival horror world. The only thing that would have made this game really terrifying is if it had really working controls. Due to the poor controls in the game, a lot of scary moments are unfair.

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The Grudge in game design is not graphically comparable to many modern day games, but the way the game sets up fears will eventually land the player in one of them.

7/10 Omega Metroid – Metroid: The Return of Samos

The Omega Metroid is designed in . format Metroid: The Return of Samos It looks like a cross between a star-nosed mole and a giant, horrific alien creature that feeds on human flesh every two hours. He doesn’t mess around and in Metroid: Samus this boss returns and comes back with new punches. In the old titles, the boss basically did different attacks on Samus, but now he has different laser attacks.

The laser can be an additional stress factor in the battle as the player will have to learn to read the telegraph for different laser attacks. Its giant teeth sticking out of its mouth create the same unsettling horror as the discovery of a new fish in the deep sea.

6/10 64- wayfarer

Krossbones in Donkey Kong 64 He is one of the scariest enemies in any of the Donkey Kong games which says a lot because some Donkey Kong games feature ghosts of crocodile bones. The most scary thing about this enemy is that it uses part of it to attack the enemies.

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Krossbones will use one of their bones with a nail in it to cause damage. Krossbones also lose bone each time they are injured. Her glowing red beaded eyes also cause discomfort as the 3D rendering of the model is all over the place.

5/10 Valor – Bayonetta 2

valor in Bayonetta 2, like many of the bosses in the Bayonetta series, becomes continually terrifying as the player continues to battle it. The chief begins as a headless angel holding his porcelain head as a shield. As the player inflicts more damage on the boss, parts of it will continue to break.

The clean image the boss had in the beginning would slowly start to be destroyed. The player will slowly peel off the outer shell of the boss and reveal the extremely demonic appearance that the boss holds under the skin and armor.

4/10 Coco – Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Coco In Animal Crossing: New Horizons She is really scary because she claims that she wants to be an astronaut but nothing she has in her house can express that. Her house is boring, with sandy walls, stone decorations, and some pots that she put around her room. It also claims to be a rabbit with a normal character but looks like a rabbit’s husk.

She is very intimidating because of her deep dark facial features but also kinda cute because she will constantly read around town. Hearing Coco speaking in Animal Crossing dialogue can also be frightening to witness due to the way she appears to be mixed with otherworldly sounds.

3/10 Octostump Redux – Splatoon 2

Octostump sends in Splatoon 2 It is Octostump’s second appearance in the Splatoon series but this time the boss is back and looks like he’s possessed by demons. It has eyes radiating with a blue iris surrounded by a black sclera – the part of the eye that is supposed to be white.

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The boss also appears to have a bomb strapped to the middle of her face which gives her an electronic genetic feel. He’s not a very difficult boss to face in the game, but he stands out for how frighteningly different his design is.

2/10 Marks Soul – Kirby Superstar Ultra

For players who are afraid of clowns Soul Marx Kirby Superstar Ultra will give a feeling of discomfort. The boss has different looks where he makes different attacks and creates exaggerated faces. The boss will be quick in his attacks and will keep changing shapes to try to get Kirby out.

The director has many changes in appearance which look unnaturally frightening. Of these, Marx Soul splits his face in half and then turns himself into a jelly that attacks the player. Right before he uses the boss, the arrow attack has to be its scariest manifestation as the boss sits disoriented with his side profile ready to shoot everything he’s got at Kirby.

1/10 Black Guardian – Eternal Darkness: Requiem for the Mind

Black Guardian V eternal darkness: Mass of Mind already starts as a file terrifying beast Those towers above the character in the game. It appears as a demonic alien entity preparing to summon evil into the world. She will cast various spells against the player and do anything in her power to prevent herself from being defeated.

The part that gets more terrifying from the boss is when the player needs to start dodging the different colossus petting the giant squid-like entity. Players will want to be careful to avoid these attacks or face the consequences of their character taking a significant amount of damage.

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