Top MultiVersus players dominate with Bugs Bunny, who's the OP

Top MultiVersus players dominate with Bugs Bunny, who’s the OP

Bugs Bunny stands in front of an orange background while eating a carrot.

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In a game with literally superheroes Wonderful woman and SupermanYou might be surprised to discover one of the best fighters in Mulit It is actually a completely smelly cartoon rabbit. Yes, Bugs Bunny is one of the most powerful and popular characters in the game, but that may change after he gets engrossed in the near future.

Recently released free version Smashinglike a fighter Multiversus Some time passes now. It is one of the most popular games on Steam, It is currently the most played game on Steam Deckand quickly builds a community of players around his fast-paced cartoonish action. But as with any new competitive video game, there are questions and discussions about balancing and extinctions. And for many, including the game’s developers, Bugs Bunny is at the top of the list of “Characters Who Need a Nerf”.

Bugs are currently dominating in 2v2 . mode in MultiVersus. If you look at the leaderboards and top players in 2v2, you will quickly notice that they are almost over Always playing Bugs Bunny. In most of the matches, they face other players who also choose Bugs Bunny. Online, players shared their surprise at how Good Bugs Bunny Compared to other characters.

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“I played Bugs Fuck Bunny in MultiVersus For 20 minutes, I’m a changed man.” One player tweeted. “This character is unreal. What am I doing with Taz and Iron Giant. I can simply have everything.”

To show how powerful the damn animated bunny is MultiVersusJust look at how many times the world’s best 2v2 player, KoboldHeart, has hit with Bugs. As of this writing, Kobold’s 20-game winning streak with Bugs He has won over 50 matches with the character over the past few days.

The reason Bugs’ control of the situation seems to come down to how proficient they are as a fighter, with their powerful, easy-to-use mix of melee and varied attacks. Interestingly, while it dominates in 2v2, it is much less used by the best players in 1v1.

The developers at Player First Games know how powerful Bugs are in 2v2 and They are working on some strength reduction for the rabbit. The plan is to release these changes after the EVO ends, which will happen this weekend and likely won’t spoil the current definition players were playing before a massive tournament. While Bugs will be removed from a hook or two, the developers promise that it will still be “fun” to play as nerfs. This is probably not necessary in 2v2.

Meanwhile, in other MultiVersus News, the start of the first season of the game was late. The developers say that this has nothing to do with the The Final Firestorm to Cancel at Warner Bros. In the meantime, the current pre-season for the game…the season will be extended by a week and now ends on August 15th.

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