T&S Rabbits are finally closed

T&S Rabbits are finally closed

The news: Animal activists celebrated the closure of the last rabbit farm operated by T&S Rabbits, the dubious informal company owned by entrepreneur Phil Kerry.

Kerry announced his retirement from rabbit farming, quote Protests on his farms that have been carried out by activists for months and recently quarry siege in Ancaster where he was a shareholder, and on Saturday he delivered 202 rabbits from the farm in East Bridgford, Nottinghamshire. Rabbits are transferred to sanctuaries and are resettled.

Closing the farm and Kerry’s retirement from rabbit breeding are victories not only for rabbits but also for fighting the expansion of animal husbandry with new species. While rabbit farming is common in other places – around 330 million rabbits, which are mostly kept in barren cages, are slaughtered for meat every year in the EU – not a well-established industry in the UK. Kerry had previously claimed that there was a strong demand for rabbit meat in the UK, although there was no evidence to suggest this was the case, and that rabbit meat was a sustainable and healthy choice. This justification for trying to expand its rabbit farming business based on its purported sustainability is the same justification used for other new forms of animal husbandry such as insects and Octopus. No animal-based options will stack up on the sustainability front versus plant-based ones, nor should we pursue new types of animal husbandry as a solution to our diet problems.

Keri and his employee, Ann Wright, who has been described as the farm manager in East Bridgeford – despite T&S Rabbits closed argue She was hired only to stay on site and didn’t actually run anything – claim That activists violated and vandalized property, as well as launched night raids on farms. In March, 11 rabbits were rescued from another farm in Nottinghamshire, an incident under police investigation. were two activists Arrested In the siege quarry last week on suspicion of aggravated infringement.

Keri Criticize Activists to “pick up” his business when there are thousands of tons of rabbit meat imported into the UK from Europe. Data from the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) shows that in fact only about 190 tonnes of rabbit meat is imported into the UK each year. Kerry also tried to defend his work by saying that eating rabbits is like eating other animals. He told the BBC: “Lambs are still animals, ducks, turkeys, chickens, pigs, they are all animals.” In fact they are, and animal activists alike object to its cultivation and have conducted many clandestine investigations into the conditions on such farms. Kerry may seem like he was being unfairly targeted, but stopping a smaller process of expansion is relatively easier than trying to shut down a huge, well-established industry. What he also fails to realize is that just because millions of other animals are already being raised in appalling conditions does not diminish the suffering of the rabbits he kept or their right to live their lives in comfort.

Since Kerry handed over the remaining rabbits to the activists, it became clear how much suffering the animals endured. The SNORS Sanctuary, which takes in special needs and older rabbits and has supported the T&S closure campaign, Says There is evidence of rabbit trauma and ill health including ear cancer and dental problems. Shut Down T&S Rabbits contains a file fundraising It will help raise funds for rabbit veterinary care, which is estimated to be around £290 per rabbit.

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