What to go away from Delhi for trekking, when to be found enjoying 'Leopard Trails' on the Aravalli Hills in Gurgaon

What to go away from Delhi for trekking, when to be found enjoying ‘Leopard Trails’ on the Aravalli Hills in Gurgaon

If you are looking to visit somewhere new for the weekend, there is a cycling trail called Leopard Trail at Aravalli Hills in Gurgaon near Delhi. This place is great for motorcyclists. Set with winding roads and lush green beauty, this place is something else. If you really want to enjoy the trail near Delhi NCR close to nature then visit here soon. Not only that, there are many cafés located on the hills, where you can enjoy food and drink along with eliminating the fatigue of your day. So let us know how you can spend your day on the Leopard Trail.

The feeling of the hill station will come –

Seeing the wonderful greenery on both sides of the narrow road, you will feel as if you are in a hill station. This lane is in a secluded place, so most people don’t know it. This is a great place for a long walk.

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Leopard Trail is home to birds

Here you will see a large number of birds like peacocks, pigeons and parrots around you. Apart from this, if you take the trek, you will also be able to see foxes and rabbits. At the bottom you will also find a lake that is not very big but you will definitely see animals and birds around it. Here remains an old building of British heritage, which is believed to be a shelter for fishermen.

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restaurants here –

Although in a secluded location, there are hut-like restaurants for cyclists and tourists, where you can savor hot tea and paratha. Sitting in the greenery and calm environment here, you will get rid of the fatigue of your week. There are some cafes here and they are very cheap and the best in taste.

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Throttle Throttle Café –

The popular Throttle Shrottle Café is an outlet on the Leopard Trail. It is one of the most popular stops for people on this route. In keeping with the biker theme and rustic decor, there is a good outdoor seating arrangement. Well, this cafe serves delicious food. Two people can comfortably eat a full meal for 200 rupees.

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Ashoka Hill Jungle Cafe –

Walking up a little incline from here, you’ll find Ashoka Hill Jungle Cafe. It’s a good place to spend time with family on Sundays. Fresh food is the specialty here. Two people can enjoy delicious food here for 200 rupees.

Tora Cafe –

Tora Café offers a new experience. The outdoor seating here is great. From the furniture to the decor, everything is amazing. If you’re feeling hungry, try Veg Maggi, Cheese Omelette, Chicken Sandwich, and Mix Pakoras at Cafe Tora. This cafe is definitely expensive compared to other cafes, but you will find something really new by coming here. Two people can satisfy their hunger with delicious dishes for 400 rupees.

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Rathi Cafe –

If you are a lover of love, Rathi Cafe is the perfect place for you. City cyclists often visit this place. This cafe is like a hut. Its outdoor seating also attracts a lot of visitors here. Here you will get chance to order Desi food like Paratha, Jalebi and Lassi. You can enjoy all these delicacies for a total sum of 300 rupees.

Take these with you on the Leopard Trail –

  • If you are hiking, you should definitely take water bottles and some food items with you.
  • Carry a stick with you to protect from dogs and other animals.
  • Don’t stay there late in the evening because it’s a wild and deserted area.

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