What we learned from Disneyland’s Toontown model at D23

Disneyland’s major update is taking shape. This is what we can tell from the 3D model of Toontown revealed in D23….

Toontown at Disneyland is one of the smartest places you are likely to go. But lately, it’s been a little less exciting, with many interactive galleries closed or restricted after the Covid-19 outbreak, then Announced a longer closure On March 9, 2022. So… what has Toontown drawn all this time?

At the D23 Expo, Disneyland was proud to announce fresh new ideas For this area at the back of Disneyland, with a new art concept and scale model detailing a lot of the areas we’ve been wondering about. Keep scrolling to see…

Disneyland Mickey toontown_tan

Mickey’s Toontown is a great place to meet Chip ‘n Dale. Photography by Ashley Tan

The current Toontown landscape provides play areas and Roger Rabbit’s Car Toon Spin. Get out the ink and paint because everything is about to change! In early 2023, the newly redesigned Toontown will open. This is what we learned…

Disneyland Toontown Concept Art

A new artistic concept by Josh D’Amaro was shown on Sunday 11 September at the D23 Expo. This art revealed that the homes of Mickey and Minnie as well as Roger Rabbit Car Toontown will remain intact in Toontown.

Concept art revealed in D23 shows revamped practical play areas and beautiful spaces For families to relax during a bustling day at Disneyland Park. In the photos above, you can see where the Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railroad is located on the east side of the land.

We truly are stepping into an era of holistic experiences in this land for families of all ages.

Screenshot of Donalds Boat Mickey's Toontown Overhaul

Were you worried that Donald’s boat wouldn’t reopen? The new art concept shows that the boat will be reimaginedWith a brand new splash pad for those hot California summer days. In this reimagining, Donald smashes it into a goofy pond. We can’t even imagine Donald’s reaction.

Runaway railroad queue Mickey and Minnie

Something we weren’t expecting is an update to Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway queue!

Mickey and Minnie's Runaway Disneyland Q Railroad

The queue appears to be one-touch interactive, with different spaces and hands-on play for the kids to keep them occupied while they wait for their ride. What happens with disco Mickey and Minnie? We can’t wait to find out!

Mickey and Minnie's Runaway Disneyland Interactive Railroad Queue

Toontown model revealed at D23

To give fans a better idea of ​​what to expect when the new Toontown opens at Disneyland, a miniature model was presented to the public as part of the Wonderful World of Dreams exhibit. This 3D rendering tells us more about where everything is, and what kind of weird details will be on the buildings.

Disneyland Toontown model at D23 Goofys House Shuster

Goofy’s house at Model D23 Toontown. Danny Schuster’s photo

Josh D’Amaro announced at D23 that voice will play a huge role in Goofy’s new home. “It’s a fun and interactive acoustic garden where little ones will discover new ways to make all kinds of noise.”

Disneyland Toontown Goofys House D23 Shuster

Just another weird D23 Toontown style street. Danny Schuster’s photo

A sign outside Goofy’s home on the model read, “Goofy’s How-to-Play Yard.” The concept of art shows a lot of outdoor activities for children to participate in.

Goofs How to Play Disneyland Toontown Concept Art DPB

The beautiful fountain directed at the front of Toontown didn’t get much talk in the presentation, but it’s easily one of our favorite parts of this reimagining.

Disneyland Tontown Fountain Model D23 Chester

Beautiful fountain planned in front of the floor. Danny Schuster’s photo

Can’t you just see yourself gathering around, looking at Toontown behind?

Mickey and Minnies Runaway Railroad in Toontown Model D23 Shuster

The Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway in the D23 Toontown model. Danny Schuster’s photo

The facade of Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway will be softened by the neon glow of our Hollywood Studios. Capiton Theatre It’s the Toontown version of El Capitan, and it’s not far from Disneyland (where Disney movies are shown regularly).

Disneyland Toontown Model City Hall D23 Chester

Town Hall as shown on Model D23 Toontown. Danny Schuster’s photo

It would not be outskirts of the city without the appropriate municipalities. We’re not sure yet what’s inside the bank buildings, the courthouse, or the street repair, but they sure are silly on the outside!

stay excited For more updates as the reimagined Toontown takes shape.

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