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Where to find all the animals and chests in the Caribbean in LEGO Bricktales

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Filled with caves, mountains and treacherous waters, the Caribbean world of LEGO Bricktales Perfect for treasure hunting! There are plenty of well-hidden animals to collect and, of course, treasure chests to unlock in your impromptu pirate hideout. If you want to find everything in the game, you will need to comb every inch of the Caribbean.

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While you may not have a treasure map with a big red X on it, this guide should be just as useful. We have set a location All thirty-three collectibles It’s in the last area of ​​LEGO Bricktales, so if you can’t find any, you know where to turn!

How to find a whip in the Caribbean

When you reach the temple of skill at the top of the mountain, Look to the left of the entrance before going inside. There is a hard-to-see ladder on the far side of the cliff, which leads into a small cavity. he was there, Use the dimension to detect the teleporter. This will take you to a cave hidden under the mountain; Go right and use Smash to clear the way to the whip!

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Use the Dimension to the left of the watchtower to reveal the Hover rail, then ride to the top of the mountain. he was there, Climbing the nearby ladder And look to your left to find a bird.

Before leaving the first screen of the Skull Cave, be sure to use your Smash at the top of the ladder to catch the bird to the right of the exit.

In the room behind the ship’s cave, Take the teleporter to a small room below. Walk left until the camera angle changes to gather the bird near the palm tree.

When you return to the ship’s cave on the right side, find a narrow path to the right side of the map. Using the dimension skill there will reveal a valve that opens the gate below. Go through the gate and Wash the teleporter on the other side of the gap. Once it is cleaned, a remote transmitter will be activated near the door you came from.

Take the teleporter, then go to the right and use another teleporter to reach the area above. Hover rail ride that you find and Use DImension To reveal a third teleporter, which leads to the game’s last bird.

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The first chameleon in the Caribbean near the top of the mountain, To the left of the entrance to the Temple of Skill.

After blasting the opening of the Skull Cave entrance, he rode the Hoover Railroad into it. before entering the cave, Turn the nearby valve To open a hidden area door on the right. Make your way through the block you find there to rescue a chameleon.

In the hidden cave behind the face of the skull, you will find a pile of dirt Just inside the entrance. Clean it up to reveal a chameleon underneath.

After building the cargo elevator, go up the stairs behind it to check out The upper left corner of the ship’s cave To find a chameleon. You’ll have to use Smash to clear the way.


When you search for the lost parrot in the caves Walk all the way to the left After climbing the first ladder to find a rabbit near a palm tree.

After learning the skill of flying, go back to the pirate hideout and Reveals a hovering rail near the watchtower If you haven’t already done so. Take her to the top of the mountain and use the valve you find Open the door below. Go through the door and All the way to the leftwhere you will find a rabbit.

After blowing, open the entrance to Skull Cave and hover through it, take a quick turn right before entering the appropriate cave. You’ll find a blue arrow that will take you to an area of ​​the beach that was previously inaccessible. Turn the valve over there To open a gate on top of the mountain, behind the entrance to the Skill Temple. Behind the gate is a rabbit.

On the other side of the ship’s cave, go to the right side of the map and use Dimension to reveal the valve. Rotate to open a portal below you, which leads to a teleporter that can be washed using the Water skill. Return to the main area and climb the ladder to find the teleporter that is now active. Use it to access the pillow you just cleaned, and you’ll see another teleporter to your right. Use it, and climb the ladder that leads you to it. There is a rabbit at the top.

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When building the raft on the shore, sail it to the nearby island. There is a beetle from where you go down, Partially obscured by tall grass.

After entering the caves in search of the missing parrot, Look immediately to the right of the entrance To find another beetle.

Once you have the whip, go back to the file The first floor of the caves Left of the entrance to the pirate’s den. In the upper right corner, you will be able to swing to the ledge and collect the ladybird that you could not reach before.

When you reach the far side of the ship’s grotto, go as far to the right as you can into the middle pier. There, use the Dimension skill to reveal the valve that opens a gate below. Get off and pass through the gate and Wash off the dirt on the other side. This activates the teleporter you went through earlier.

Climb back up and use the teleporter, then walk to the right and use another teleporter. Ride the Hover behind the Use Dimension to detect a third teleporter. Take it to the top of the room, then use Dimension again to reveal the Hover rail. At the other end of the rail is a valve A portal opens at the bottom of the cave. There is also a handy remote bus that takes you straight to the gate. Behind is the hard-earned ladybug!

hermit cancer

Find a lane that leads to the left Behind the pirate yoga studio To find a hidden crab.

When the chef sends you to rebuild the rainwater harvester, Check under the dirt pile nearby To find another hermit crab.

In the caves behind the grotto of the ship, Fill all three basins to raise the water level. Once you are done, find a narrow lane on the left side of the main area, under the entrance. A piece of wood will float to form a bridge to the hidden hermit crab.

When you reach the far side of the ship’s cave, Look at the right side of the middle level For concealed valve that can be revealed by dimensions. It’s partially hidden by a palm tree, so look carefully! The valve opens the gate below, which leads to the hermit crabs.

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Once you enter the caves in search of the lost parrot, Turn right Take the narrow path along the edge of the map. When you hit a dead end, Use Dimension to reveal the chest hidden there.

While climbing the caves, look for a passage that leads to the north Immediately after going up the first ladder. Using Dimension here will reveal a teleporter that leads to a treasure chest.

While solving the skill temple challenge, Use the swivel hover rail To get to the platform on the right. The dimension skill will reveal a key that lowers the chest, which you can collect on your way out after completing the puzzle.

Use the dimension to Left of the watchtower To reveal a hover rail that you will be able to use after completing the skill temple. When you reach the top of the mountain, above the Skull Rock, you will find a valve that opens the door below. Return to the parrot teacher and enter through the door to the right of his classroom, then Use the dimension in the alcove behind To reveal a hidden chest.

Once you return to the pirate’s lair after learning to hover, Look in the upper right corner behind the yoga studio. You’ll find a hover rail that leads to a teleporter, which in turn takes you to a treasure chest next to the pier.

When the whip gathers, Check the area on the left Before returning to the main area via the teleporter. The Dimension skill will reveal a valve that opens the gate near the raft. Next time you’re on this part of the beach, go through the door to find a chest.

Once you have the whip, go to the entrance to the skill temple and swing down to the ledge below. Use the teleporter there to get to the chest at the top of the mountain.

Once the Hover rail is exposed through the Skull Cave hatch, ride it and Open the door on the right inside. On the other side of the door Wash the conveyor you find Using the Water skill and use it to find a path. At the end of the path is a chest.

In the deepest area of ​​the Skull Cave, after the ship cave, there are three basins that can be It was filled using the Water skill. When all three are full, check the bottom right corner of the main area for a lever that is now accessible. Pulling it lowers the chest nearby so that it can be reached.

When you reach the far side of the ship’s grotto, use the Dimension behind the palm tree on the right side of the middle level. Turn the exposed valve to open the gate below, and remove dirt on the other side. This activates the teleporter between stairs.

Take the teleporter to a hidden area and Turn left towards the water Instead of going straight to the next teleporter. When the camera angle changes, use the whip to reach the box above.

After collecting the fund described above, Turn the valve nearby To open the gate on the right. Take the teleporter you went through earlier and Ride the hover rail behind it To access a new chest.

next one, Use the dimension To the right of the chest To detect the teleporter. Take it to the top of the cave, where you will find a third chest folded in the corner.

Once you collect Every hermit crab in the gameBring them to the hermit who lives above the parrot season. There is a rail at the entrance to the pirate’s hideout that leads directly to it. After giving the hermit all 20 crabs, a treasure chest will appear behind him.

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