WTSA News For Your Friday, September 16th:

WTSA News for Friday, September 16:

WTSA News for Friday, September 16:

445 new cases of Covid 19 were reported in Vermont last week. There have been 7 new hospital admissions related to the Covid virus, but there have been no deaths in Vermont since August 31. New Hampshire has reported 10 new deaths and 1,446 new cases of the virus. 17 New Hampshire residents have been hospitalized for treatment for COVID-19.

Vermont is launching a new relief program targeting businesses that may have missed out on pandemic aid. The new short-term, irrevocable loan program will give businesses up to $350,000 to cover rent, wages and running costs. If they meet the criteria, they can be completely exempted from their loan. The Vermont Economic Development Authority says the program targets businesses including restaurants, tourism, hospitality and the arts. Priority will be given to the tourism, hospitality, childcare and agricultural sectors.

Captain Steve Stewart of the Kane Police Department will be the next Kane Police Chief. Captain Stewart joined the department in 2004 and has served as a member of the Kane Police Department for the past 18 years. He was promoted to sergeant in just two short years, and in 2010 he was promoted to first lieutenant. For the past seven years, Steve has been a member of the leadership staff at KPD where he served as the field operations commander. The former president, Steve Russo, retired in August.

The Vermont Agriculture, Food and Market Agency and several partners are bringing back the Vermont Maple 100 this fall to connect those who enjoy the foliage season in Vermont with Vermont-related activities, activities and foods. Until October 15The tenth, this statewide campaign offers visitors and Vermonters alike a chance to discover Vermont maple snacks, sweets and local produce, as well as discover new ways to enjoy Vermont’s sweetest treat. condition Agriculture Minister Anson Tibbets said. “Vermont Maple 100 is a unique way for everyone to connect with Vermont maple syrup even though it’s not sugar season.”

Vermont Department of Corrections leaders say hiring and retention reforms hold promise, but the union representing workers says the DOC’s new hiring model won’t fix systemic problems. The staff vacancy rate in the state’s prison system is 21%, and this has resulted in mandatory overtime and staff fatigue. In July, the department submitted an action plan to address the problems. It involved temporarily changing the entire system to mandatory 12-hour shifts to improve work-life balance. Corrections officials say this has led to more stability for officers and their families and that more people are applying for jobs. But Steve Howard, executive director of the Vermont State Employees Association, told state lawmakers Thursday that the goal is eight hours of better paid work. “You won’t get the correctional system you want – or Vermonter deserves – without a significant investment in public dollars,” he said.

The RBD virus appears in states near Vermont and may appear here, according to the Vermont Department of Fish and Wildlife. The virus does not affect other wildlife, humans, or pets, with the exception of rabbits. It is spread through direct contact with infected rabbits or indirectly through contact with contaminated surfaces.

Sudden death occurs in healthy rabbits with this virus, and infected rabbits may be lethargic, reluctant to move, or blood coming out of their nostrils or mouth. According to the Vermont Department of Fish and Wildlife, “If you find a dead rabbit and it’s not clear why it was killed, please contact us.”

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WTSA sport:

The Red Sox and Yankees were on holiday Thursday. Boston hosts Kansas City tonight, Michael Watch on the hill in Boston, court one at 7:10. The Yankees are in Milwaukee tonight, Frankie Montas on the hill for New York, first pitch against the Brewers at 8:10.

The Kansas City Chiefs came back from a second-half deficit to defeat the Los Angeles Chargers last night, 27-24. Chargers quarterback Justin Herbert suffered a rib injury but managed to stay in the match.

Locally, you can hear Brattleboro challenging Hartford to Boy’s High School Football tonight, at your home for Colonels’ Sports, 99 5 The Beast, and 99 5 The Beast Dot Com, starting at 6:45 with the Colonels Pre-Game Show.

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